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I was playing as a Lannister when I started playing didn’t really know how the game worked and didn’t get my command point for it I reincarnated at 84, I’m just understanding how this game works as a Stark can I go back as a Lannister at some other time or am I stuck without the command point?



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It’s possible that you used “Restart” rather than “Reincarnate”.  It has happened to others before.

To reincarnate, you have to complete the “Cycle of Rebirth” quest, accepting the drink Gammer Wilde offers you.  If you did not do this, then you may have used “Restart” instead.

As for being a Lannister again?  Yes. 

Some players are on their second or third play-throughs of a family so they can acquire permanent talents beyond just the fealty buildings.  If you wanted, you could reincarnate 5 times in a row as a Lannister, and then switch to Stark on your 6th reincarnation.


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I don’t believe there are any limits to how many times we can reincarnate.

In the mean time, you may find the information on Reincarnation in the Wiki to be of some help. It lists how the process works, what you keep, what you lose, etc…

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