Recap: "When Giants Walk;" Previewing "The Heart of the Empire"

Recap: "When Giants Walk;" Previewing "The Heart of the Empire"

This week’s event promises even more danger and great rewards. Hybrid Faction/Expedition Event “The Heart of the Empire” reveals the location of Chancellor Martok, whose disappearance triggered the current crisis, and he is not anywhere anyone would have expected. Before players can get to him, and the nefarious group of conspirators who have taken him from his Empire, they must thwart a plot on the life of Emperor Kahless himself.

"Scales of Power" Recap and "When Giants Walk" Information

"Scales of Power" Recap and "When Giants Walk" Information

New challenges abound in this week’s installment of “A Good Day to Lie.” Beginning at 12:00 ET (16:00 UDT) on Thursday, July 13th, Faction Event “When Giants Walk” will bring captains face-to-phaser with creatures they never dreamed possible. Monsters and legends from ancient Klingon myths walk the land once more, and many see their reappearance (along with the continued absence of Chancellor Martok) as an omen that the Klingon Empire is in its final days.

Announcing Klingon Mega-Event “A Good Day to Lie”

Chancellor Martok, taken. The High Councilors bicker and scheme for power. Outside influences circle to pick at the bones of the Empire. Honor and pride find themselves in scarce supply on Qo’noS. Someone, anyone, must rescue the Klingon Empire.

So begins STAR TREK TIMELINES’ second month-long mega-event “A Good Day to Lie.” Starting on July 6th, players will be challenged to hold the Klingon Empire together while fighting off beasts from Klingon mythology, identifying nefarious parties profiteering from the muddy waters, and finding and reinstalling Chancellor Martok while there still is a chancellery to save.

On the heels of the wildly popular Borg mega-event “Process of Assimilation,” players will again play through four interconnected weekly events, delving deeper into the Trek universe with each passing day.

“We really wanted to find a story we could sink our teeth into, but that was relevant to all eras of Star Trek™,” said Erin Prince, STAR TREK TIMELINES Product Owner at Disruptor Beam. “When you think of all the iterations of Star Trek, Klingons have been more present than the Enterprise herself! We knew this was an event we’d be excited to play.”

The first event in “A Good Day to Lie” is the Galaxy Event “Scales of Power,” which begins on Thursday, July 6th.  Chancellor Martok has gone missing, and in his absence, several houses are using the temporal anomaly crisis to their advantage. Given the confusion of timelines and inheritances, each house wants to claim an open seat on the Klingon High Council, and each is backed by powers outside the Empire itself. The Augments demand greater respect for Klingons affected by the augment virus, while the Ferengi have promised to move the Klingons (and themselves) into an age of economic prosperity, and the Klingon-Cardassian Alliance seeks to expand its influence to Qo’noS. How will you steer the Klingon Empire with no chancellor at its helm?

Scales of Power” Featured Characters

  • Dahar Master Kor

  • Grilka

  • Klingon Neelix

  • Kortar

Scales of Power” Featured Factions

  • Augments

  • Ferengi Alliance

  • Klingon-Cardassian Alliance

Beginning July 13th faction event “When Giants Walk” explores Klingon mythology, and features:

  • Ambassador K’Ehleyr

  • Liaison Torres

  • Genesis Worf

  • Kortar

On July 20th, Hybrid Event “The Heart of the Empire” sends players back in time in an epic battle for present. Featured characters are:

  • Klingon B’Elanna Torres

  • General Martok

  • Dahar Master Kang

  • Kortar

Finally, players bring the Mega-event to a close by participating in a Hybrid Event for the ages in “Blood for Blood,” beginning July 27th. Villains are revealed, and heroes are needed to counter them. Is that you, Captain?

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Resistance: Completed!

Resistance: Completed!

Resistance – the final event in the Process of Assimilation mega-event – has concluded.

Captains worked with Admiral Picard and the Federation to shut down a crashed Borg cube’s defenses and study its systems. From what was learned in the cube about how the Borg’s vinculum connect all of the drones, Janeway found a power source for an anti-vinculum pulse that severed the Borg Queen’s connection to her drones. Even though the Federation has succeeded for now the Borg Queen reminds us all that the Collective will be back as resistance is always futile in the end. For now, she has fled back to the Delta Quadrant, and new plans are needed for the inevitable return of the Borg. But for now...Congratulations for successfully stopping the Borg invasion of Alpha Quadrant!