World Events Stage 3 - Updates!

Hello Bannermen! Stage 3 of World Events is almost here, and if the system isn’t set in stone, it’s at least firmly placed in the ground.


Stage 3 Rewards

We know that some of our players just enjoy participating in new GoTA systems, but most players live by the late Notorious B.I.G.’s credo: “Gimme the LOOT!”

All players who participate in the World Event are eligible for prizes if at least Part 1 of the World Event is completed. If Part 1 is not completed, then no one gets a prize. As parts are completed, better and better prizes are unlocked, until the highest-level prize is unlocked for completing Stage 4. The highest prize, a  legendary Braavosi Longship, can then be crafted into one of three peerless items.

If you don’t get the final reward, don’t fret! You’ll be able to craft every level of the reward into the next level, up into the final peerless versions of the items. That means that if only the first part of the World Event is completed, you’ll be able to craft your common prize up into a peerless version.

The Braavosi crafting recipes will exist for two weeks after the World Event is completed.

For the peerless versions of the Braavosi Longship, we offer three recipes and three possible versions of your Bravvosi ship:


The Braavosi crafting recipes are located in Godswood.



Tributes are a limited-time “buff” that Alliance members may craft and apply to their Alliance’s efforts in the World Event. These tributes provide limited-time increases to stats that only affect the World Event. All three tributes may be crafted in the Godswood, Sept, and Temple of R’hllor.

Tributes may be used only if you are in an Alliance, and only one of each tribute may be active at a time. Adding additional tributes will, however, increase the duration of the common and rare tributes. Peerless tributes must be re-applied after they expire.

The common and rare tribute recipes have two versions: a guaranteed tribute result, which uses items gained from the Iron Bank adventures, or a Luck recipe that doesn’t require items from the Iron Bank adventures. The peerless tribute always requires items from the Iron Bank adventures and Alliance Challenges.

  • Common tributes last for half an hour, and may be stacked by Alliance members.
  • Rare tributes last for an hour, and may be stacked by Alliance members.
  • Peerless tributes last for six hours.



Contribution Amounts and World Event Thresholds

Before we did a final balance pass to the World Event’s contribution amounts and “health,” we gathered extensive data on both the item counts in the game, and the average amount of damage done by players in Alliance Challenges and Boss Challenges. The World Event uses the same damage calculations as Boss and Alliance Challenges, and stats that affect that damage will work for the World Event.

After we gathered the data, we determined minimum and maximum possible contributions and damage for the active playerbase. After discussion, we decided to err on the side of caution. It should be entirely possible to unlock and complete the event, assuming a significant chunk (not quite half, but somewhere around there) of our players participate at moderate levels.

We will be monitoring the World Event but will not change the contribution amounts or World Event thresholds once Stage 3 is active. It is up to our players to pull together and complete the event.

The supply values for each individual item are:

  • Iron Bank Spoil: 1
  • Dueling Sword: 20
  • Iron Bank Bounty: 20
  • Braavosi Youth: 20
  • Intent Moneylender: 80
  • Braavosi Pirate Ship: 2,000
  • Coinage of the Iron Bank: 3,000
  • Braavosi Pirate Crossbow: 5,000


World Event Conclusion

The World Event concludes when the time runs out, or Part 4 is completed. Once the World Event is concluded, we’ll distribute rewards and kick off the next stage of the second World Event cycle.

After this World Event is completed, we are moving into the next cycle of World Events. We envision ourselves on a five-week timeline for World Events:

  • Week 1: Preparation (Stage 1)
  • Week 2: AvA Begins (Stage 2)
  • Week 3: AvA Continues  (Stage 2)
  • Week 4: AvA Concludes  (Stage 2)
  • Week 5: Cooperation (Stage 3)

We are not planning on “rest” weeks between World Event cycles. We do plan on changing the next Cycle to incorporate some of your feedback from the first World Event cycle, all the way in the ancient days of July. Our intention is for Stage 3 and Stage 1 to allow for crafting and adventures, in preparation for when those items will be used in building camps.