What is the Game of Thrones Team Working on Next?

Hello Bannermen!


In addition to some new updates to GoTA that we’ll be discussing in the next few weeks, we wanted to talk about improvements coming in the next weeks and months.


AvA Updates

We have been discussing improvements to AvA for the phase after the Hunter Phase. Here is a list of changes for the next phase of AvA, the Mourning Phase!

The Mourning Phase will start on Monday, March 9th at Noon ST (17:00 UTC) and end on March 23rd at Noon EST (17:00 UTC). The full list of changes for the Mourning Phase are:


-- Performance improvements to AvA. This requires thorough testing this week, but our goal is to greatly improve AvA performance for all players, and eliminate (or greatly reduce) server load when processing AvA actions.

-- Fixed Spy actions sometimes not giving updated information.

-- Fixed an issue where some attacks from non-camps to camps wouldn’t resolve.

-- Changing Aid to 1% on attacker success, 2% on defender success.

-- Changing Bribe to 1% on attacker success, 2% on defender success.

—Reducing defense VP by 30% from its existing amounts.

—Change hourly VP from 5% garrison ratio to 3% garrison ratio.
—Change attack VP from 5% garrison ratio to 2% garrison ratio.

—Change spoils from 5% garrison ratio to 2% garrison ratio.

-- Changed camp materials to require both common blue and common red gems.

-- Reducing phase time from three weeks to two weeks.


We have several open discussions on these changes on the forums, and as always, we'll be watching AvA closely to see how these changes affect the phase. And don't forget, the winners of the Hunter Phase of AvA have been announced, and rewards are being given out now!


Chat System Improvements

The chat system was implemented over a year and a half ago, and was quickly eclipsed by the needs of our community. Our Platform team, along with assistance from the GoTA team, has been building a new and improved chat system. Our goals for the chat system are that it be:


-- Flexible, allowing the creation and deletion of custom chat channels.

-- Meaningful, cutting out the chat spam that we see today.

-- Scalable, letting us process huge volumes of chat at any time.


We do not have a definitive date for the updated chat system, but we are well into the creation and implementation process. Once we’re into the testing process for the chat system, we’ll let you know more about how we’re rolling it out.


Second Anniversary Veteran Rewards

With Monday’s build, we rolled out the last part of our second anniversary loyalty rewards. These awards go out to every player once they hit two years old. When you hit two years old, you receive:


-- 10 gold.

-- 100,000 silver.

-- A new unique title, letting you call yourself “Elder” in Game of Thrones Ascent!


In addition, we gave out five peerless black gems on our second anniversary as part of our second anniversary celebration!


iOS and Android Updates

Our iOS and Android versions of the game should be updated soon. Android is being rolled out this week, while iOS is up for Apple review. The iOS version contains, among other things, a comprehensive set of changes to prevent cases where someone would purchase gold and not have it delivered. This happened rarely, but often enough that we wanted to get a thorough fix in.

Both versions will finally let us give out rewards, offers, and other improvements to our mobile players, in addition to our web players, as well as fixing bugs on both platforms.



We continue working on fixing GoTA bugs as we do our other work. Two specific bugs we worked on fixing for Monday were the Lorebook problems some players have been having, and a bug that was sometimes using a Sworn Sword as a boon on your Adventure Parties, causing the Sworn Sword to go missing. Some other bugs we fixed recently were iOS push notifications not working, and Kongregate notifications not working.


There has been a persistent bug where Sworn Swords replaced in AvA would take up a “ghost” CP. We are looking at fixing this bug in time for next week’s new AvA phase, but given the type of bug it is, it may not be fixed in time for the start of the phase.


Team Expansion!

We’re growing the GoTA team by at least one more designer, to help us with an AvA revamp later this year, along with some other design updates in the game. The designer will be joining the team in the next weeks. We look forward to getting them ramped up and working on new GoTA changes as soon as possible!


And Season Five

It might seem like it’s far away, but Season Five of Game of Thrones starts on April 12th - just six weeks away! Our content team will start writing new quests, creating new art, and getting ready to continue our story into Season Five. From what we know, it’s going to be a huge season, with some amazing twists and turns. We cannot wait to see it!


See us at PAX East on March 6th - 8th!

Earlier, I made a comment on some Facebook groups that if you saw me at PAX, I’d buy you a drink. Though my wallet screams, I stand by that - meet me at PAX East, and I’ll grab at least a beer with you, my treat. Come see us at our booth on the show floor, and look for the goofy looking guy with long hair - that’s me.


We'll also have a special card for our GoTA players who swing by the booth -  a scratch-off card where you could win in-game gold, up to 105 gold on a single card! Come find us on the show floor, and we'll give you one.


Thanks for reading!