What is the Game of Thrones Team Working on Next?

Hey everyone! I promised a blog post going over what we could be working on for the next few weeks, and here it is!

NOTE: All of the following is POSSIBLE, but there are no guarantees that these will make it into the game. This list is meant to give you an idea of what we are working on, but this does not mean these changes will be live in the next few weeks (or ever). We are an agile company and priorities may evolve.


New awards for in-game achievements

We launched GoTA with an achievement system, but that system never rewarded you with items based on your achievements. Starting soon, we plan to roll out awards for accomplishing certain epic things in the game. When you complete certain things in the game, you might see a pop-up letting you know that you received a new item, silver, or gold! As the weeks go by, we hope to continue rolling out new rewards for playing GoTA. More free items and more free money for all!


Filtering to the Shop

We’re working on UI improvements! One of the first things we are working on are for web players to filter by item type (Battle / Trade / Intrigue) in the Shop. This sort of UI improvement starts with the Shop, but we plan to have it continue into other aspects of the game. As we refine it in the web version, we hope to roll it out to iOS and Android as well.


Retraining Sworn Swords

A long-asked-for improvement to the game, we are working on implementing a way to cheaply retrain your Sworn Swords for gold.


Show Command Points on the Main Screen

Another of our UI changes, we’re working on finally being able to see your Command Points on your main screen. This is another UI change we are looking at rolling out onto the web version first, then migrating over to iOS and Android.


Android Performance

Our Android players will continue to see improvements to the performance and stability of the Android app. We’re working on optimizing memory usage so our Android players have a stabler and better-performing app.



Now this one we can say is coming: the PtP flickering bug has been in our sights and is now squashed. We’re steadily moving through our bug list, including some annoying iOS and Android bugs.


And more!

That’s about all I have right now. Keep an eye on our build notes each week for the latest in bugfixes and improvements!