What do Black, Blue, and Red gems do?

Hey Bannermen! We had a lot of requests to do a blog on the various gems and what they do, so I took a few hours to go over what each gem does, and why you might want to use one.


What are the gems, and what do they do?

Red Gem: A Red Gem always adds 50% to your chance of crafting a superior (containing a prefix, suffix, or both) item. This is a straight 50%, meaning if you already have a 30% chance of crafting a superior item, adding a Red Gem will raise that chance to 80%.

Blue Gem: A Blue Gem adds two Luck to your crafting attempt for that single attempt. Where a Black Gem adds Luck for that attempt and every future attempt (until you succeed), a Blue Gem adds two Luck for that single attempt.

Black Gem: A Black Gem adds an amount of luck to your current crafting attempt, and keeps that luck for any future crafting attempts until you succeed. Each gem provides a different amount of luck:

  • Common Black Gem: A Common Black Gem adds 1 Luck when applied to a crafting attempt.
  • Uncommon Black Gem: An Uncommon Black Gem adds 2 Luck when applied to a crafting attempt.
  • Peerless Black Gem: A Peerless Black Gem adds 5 Luck when applied to a crafting attempt.

Luck is used in item recipes that have a chance of success. Even if you don't use a gem, every failed attempt of the recipe provides one Luck. This Luck stays with the recipe until you succeed in making the item. After you make the item, the luck resets back to 0. When you add a Black Gem, you give the recipe additional Luck. So if you add a Common Black Gem and fail to make the item, you get two luck: one for the failure, and one from the Common Black Gem.

The Sparkling Jewel is not a gem (it does not modify crafting), but it is used in crafting recipes and can be sold in the shop for 1,500 silver.


How do gems impact crafting?

Each recipe has a different success rate and a different percentage of success granted per luck. This is why we cannot just say, “A Blue Gem adds 10% to each of your attempts.” For example, here are three recipes and their success rates:



  • Base Chance: 5%
  • Luck Bonus: 3%
  • Blue Gem: 6%


Random Uncommon Resource (Fishery)

  • Base Chance: 3%
  • Luck Bonus: 1.5%
  • Blue Gem: 3%


Uncommon -> Rare Braavosi Galleon (This recipe was not used because the World Event completed Part 3, giving a rare Braavosi Galleon to each participant).

  • Base Chance: 15%
  • Luck Bonus: 8%
  • Blue Gem: 16%


Each gem gives a different rate of success for producing the item. Here are graphs of the three items above:



So before you add a gem to your production, think hard about what you want to do with it:

  • Do I want a single-use boost to production?
  • Do I want a small increase of success over time?
  • So I want to boost the possibility of the item have an affix?

Hopefully this post addresses the confusion surrounding what each gem does, and how they affect crafting. You'll notice that we didn't show the recipes for Pyres, Dragon Eggs, or the evolved items; some things in the game have to remain secret until our players collaboratively figure it out.