Watch Star Trek With Us!

In developing Star Trek Timelines, our design team is re-watching Star Trek….all of Star Trek! We’re doing this to refresh our memories on as many details as we can, keeping an eye out for particularly colorful characters or technologies that we can then integrate into our game. Some team members are watching old favorites; others are watching series with which they are less familiar. But we’re watching ‘em all and invite you to join us!

Our Lead Designer, Tim Crosby, started a thread on our forums a while back. In that thread he has been sharing episode summaries and his personal thoughts. He started with Enterprise, and is moving onto the Original Series next. We’d like you to watch along with us, share your thoughts. So, dig into the forum thread here and lend your opinion.

In the meantime, we asked Tim to hand-select some of his favorite episodes (of those he has re-watched thus far) from Enterprise. Here they are! Have you seen any of these?

Enterprise S1E12: Dear Doctor

Enterprise S1E17: Rogue Planet

Enterprise S2E15: Cease Fire

Enterprise S2E23: Regeneration

Enterprise S2E25: Bounty

Enterprise S3E6: Exile

Enterprise S3E15: Harbinger

Enterprise S3E16: Doctor’s Orders

Tim with Zilla the dog, his frequent viewing partner.

Tim with Zilla the dog, his frequent viewing partner.