Make the Most of Your Crew with Voyages

With version 3.0 of STAR TREK TIMELINES getting close to completion, we thought you’d like a preview of one of the great features we’re going to include.


Do you wish your crew was was able to explore the farthest reaches of the galaxy even when you can’t actively be playing STAR TREK TIMELINES? Do you have crew you love and want to use more often? Voyages, our new feature coming in version 3.0, could be just the thing for you!


In Voyages, Captains send large crews out for long-duration exploration missions. Along the way, the crew will discover all new Star Trek™ storylines, solve thorny problems, and gain impressive rewards. These long-duration missions won’t stop you from getting in on all the other STAR TREK TIMELINES action, though: while your Voyage crew is out exploring, the rest of your crew can continue to complete all the other great content in the game.


Much like Ship Battles, Voyages will require Captains to match appropriate skills to appropriate missions. Each Voyage will require twelve crew members, with two of each skill (ENG, DIP, SEC, MED, CMD, SCI). Each Voyage will also make use of crew traits and abilities. The more effectively manned each mission is, the greater the likelihood that the Voyage will be a successful producer of rewards!


Fans of the Star Trek mythos will especially appreciate the storytelling which happens inside Voyages. Designed as a nod to the original “5 year mission,” as a player you will be able to sit back and read all new fiction in the Trek Universe in-between dilemmas, or you can go back to playing the rest of the game while the Voyages run in the background, alerting the Captain when your attention is required.

Voyages come to STAR TREK TIMELINES soon. Head back to your bridge and ready your crew, Captain-the Final Frontier awaits!