Upcoming Changes for the Braavos Cycle, Stage 2

Hello Bannermen! A new cycle, and new changes to AvA. The changes are relatively minor - and all for the good! Keep reading for all the details.


Garrison Window Changes

There are two changes to the Garrison screen for your camps. First, we have changed the Garrison screen so that your Sworn Sword list stays on the page you selected. That's right, you're reading this correctly: no longer will the Sworn Sword window close and force you start back from Page 1. For most players, this will be a minor improvement, but for those players who have dozens or hundreds of Sworn Swords, it should improve the Garrison experience immensely.


You'll no longer have to see this screen pop up every time you choose a Sworn Sword.


Second, we heard your requests for a quick and easy way to ungarrison all of your Sworn Swords. There is a new button, called "Remove All," that removes all of your Sworn Swords from the garrison. This button will be coming to web first, and then to iOS and Android in the near future.


Just don't click it by accident.


New Alliance Challenges

With a new World Event cycle come new Alliance challenges! Player feedback from last cycle told us that these were too difficult to complete; after looking through the completion data, we saw that they were rarely run. To help address this, we have made two changes:

  • The smaller challenge, which rewards 300 power, costs 13 of each Braavos rare item (down from 20).
  • The larger challenge, which rewards 1000 power, costs 25 of each Braavos rare item (down from 35).

The new challenges are Nights of Fire and Take the Offensive: