Tyrion in Exile: A Tale of Ice and Fire

Hello Bannermen! This blog post goes over the changes coming to our fourth Tale, Tyrion in Exile, along with when the Tale will begin!


Tyrion in Exile

Trust no one. Not your chainless maester, not your false father, not the gallant Duck or the lovely Lemore nor these other fine friends who grew you up from a bean. Above all, trust not the cheese monger, nor the Spider, nor this little dragon queen you mean to marry. All this mistrust will sour your stomach and keep you awake at night, ’tis true, but better that than the long sleep that does not end. - Tyrion Lannister


Buff and Debuff Changes to Tales

We ran through a lot of feedback on Tales after Arya and the Hound, and we have made some changes in Tyrion in Exile to address your feedback -specifically, the difficulty of the buffs and debuffs.

A number of the tasks have been changed so they have no longer have debuffs when you win - some of the Weary/Weary success, Weary/Weary/Weary failure have been changed to Swindle+1/Swindle+1 for success, or Bribe+1/Bribe+1. Overall, you’ll see more beneficial buffs and fewer detrimental buffs when doing Tyrion in Exile.

Tyrion in Exile is a 50% Trade and 50% Intrigue Tale.


Leaderboard Changes to Tales

With Tyrion in Exile, we’re increasing the number of players you may see on the leaderboard. Previously capped at the top 100, you may now view the top 500 players in Tales. This should give our players a better idea of how much renown they need to earn to pass from the 101-500 rank to the top 100.


New Titles and Items

Tyrion in Exile brings three new titles to GoTA: Valonqar, for our first, second, and third-place finishers; Kinslayer, for our fourth to fiftieth-place finishers; and Exile for our fifty-first to hundredth-place finishers. We also have three new, unique items that our Tales competitors can win:



Tyrion in Exile starts Wednesday, June 10th!

You can start playing Tyrion in Exile on Wednesday, June 10th starting at 12:00pm EDT (16:00 UTC). Tyrion in Exile will end on Sunday, June 14th at 6:00pm EDT (22:00 UTC).

Thanks for reading, and have a great day!