Tales from the District: Try the Chili

TALE 1: Try the Chili

The story takes us to District 187 (no, there is no District 187), where there was a Community called “Terminus.”

They were a special kind of jackasses, truth be told, but they made us laugh pretty hard.

They started a Community with a small group of the most powerful people on their District.  They set up camp in a loose circle, with a large space in the middle for new arrivals. Then they started to recruit.

They offered Sanctuary to all who arrived alive. When a new member joined, they all cheered them in. The leader told the new Community Member to use their newly-earned Community Transfer to move to their base. Inevitably, they arrived right in the center of their circle. They would be welcomed, their arrival noted with cheers and laughter and and the camaraderie of new brothers-and-sisters-in-arms.  The newly minted Community members began to feel like they belonged in this group of powerful players. They had found sanctuary.

And then, they would be kicked out of the Community. Their Community chat, formerly full of good wishes and welcome was now a missing space where a tab had been. In World chat, they would inquire if something had gone wrong, and ask for a new invite to the Community.

And then, the raid lines began.

So many red arrows, from so close by. Attacks by those who had welcomed them. There was nothing to do but die. Victim after victim, Terminus lured their unwitting prey with the prospect of friendship and protection. Those who arrived, died.

Clever gameplay, a great way to use players as resource nodes, and a fitting and authentic introduction to “Tales from the District.”

Come back and see us, won’t you? And stay alive out there.

About "Tales from the District"

Maybe someday, this world will need a history. It will need books to tell us about who has come before. About what works, and about what doesn’t.  About what life is like on this side of the end of the world. I want to tell your stories.

Almost all of the time, we’ll make them completely anonymous. No need to embarrass the people you’ve already beat any further, right? But the stories are what matter, not the people. Write your stories. Click the button below to submit your story, and please share our stories on social media using #MarchToWar. Who knows, maybe you’ll make history.