Product Update 2

Hey There, Survivors,

It’s been quite a month, hasn’t it? You’ve beat down giant Walker Mega-Swarms, crushed other players in Negan’s Council Member Challenge, and still survived all that the world of the dead has to throw at you. Keep it up!

Maybe my most important job as the Product Owner for THE WALKING DEAD: MARCH TO WAR is to pay attention to what our players are saying. From there, we can build the improvements you want. I’m here today to tell you about some big changes in store. Some will happen very soon, and some a little farther down the highway, but everything comes from what you have told and shown us.

Combat and Consequences

One of the most frequent pieces of feedback we get is that it takes too long to get back into the fight after a particularly damaging battle. We hear you, and we are taking steps to significantly reduce the amount of time it takes your survivors to heal after taking a beating, as well as giving you more time to heal triaged survivors. The flip side is that, especially for higher level characters, there will be an increased food cost to heal - we hope this gives you more control over when and how to get back into a battle after taking damage to your Survivors.

We also heard from people who were being repeatedly attacked by players just a level or two higher than they were but were still being destroyed. To that end, we are addressing balance in PvP, where damage will be more evenly dealt between players of similar levels. The strongest will usually still prevail, but they’ll take more damage in the fight.

Meet the New Neighbors

Soon we’ll be consolidating some Districts, giving you a larger local pool of players to interact with. Experienced players from other shards will be your new neighbors. We’ll have more information to share about the specifics when we get closer to rolling this out. Some smaller districts will see a test of this consolidation soon. Those impacted will be notified before anything happens. For most, this is likely to take weeks or possibly longer, and we will be sure to communicate along the way. We can’t wait to see how the power structures and play styles you’ve designed on your Districts shake out when thrown together with those in other Districts.

Community Stores

Communities who play together, stay together. Players will be able to earn Badges, a new form of currency, by working with their Community on common goals. You’ll be able to spend those Badges on hard-to-get items of your choosing, from Cease Fires to Relocations to Elite Survivor Tokens.

New Challenges

Challenges will be limited-time occurrences where players will be able to earn rewards without getting too bloody. Much like combat-intensive events, players will be able to earn points by increasing power, accruing resources, taking part in the occasional fight against another player, and climbing event-specific leaderboards-many without firing a shot. This new type of gameplay will appeal even to those without a desire for constant PvP play.

Just like in the The Walking Dead, the world of TWD: MARCH TO WAR is changing, and you are the ones changing it. As you play, and as you let us know what you love (and what you don’t love as much), it will continue to evolve. We’ll keep listening just so long as you keep playing. Reach out on our Facebook, Twitter, or Reddit pages to let us know how things are going. For thorny problems, our Player Support team is ready to help.  

Stay alive out there,
Rob Quimby
Product Owner