Select Landmarks are Now Open in MARCH TO WAR

With the release of version 1.2.0 this week, another great feature is opening in the game: Landmarks. You can learn more about these valuable super resource nodes on the map by reading our earlier blog post about them. To start, we will open the lower two Tiers of these super resource nodes for you to control and mine:

Image uploaded from iOS (11).png

Tier 1 Includes:
Gun Shops
Police Stations

Tier 2 Includes:
Reagan National Airport
Nations Park
DC Correctional Facility
Lincoln Memorial
Theodore Roosevelt Island
The Pentagon
St. Elizabeth’s Hospital  

A Community can take control of a Landmark in two ways: either by being the first to occupy it or by defeating the Community who does control it in combat by successfully attacking the node, and sending them home while you take charge. Once you’re in control, though, watch out: the whole District can see who controls a Landmark. You’re sure to be a target, so brush up on your defenses.

Each Community can send up to three Raiding Parties to hold and mine Tier 1 Landmarks. These Landmarks hold large amounts of a single resource type (Food, Salvage, Lumber, Fuel), and Raiding Parties holding a Landmark will get a boost to their gathering speed and the amount they can carry

For Tier 2 Landmarks, each Community can send up to 5 Raiding Parties. These Landmarks are bullet super-caches, which can be mined for bullets.

In addition to the mined resources, there are Community Rewards which are earned for every three hours a Community holds a Landmark (either Tier One or Tier Two), and for the Community which holds the Landmark when it closes. These could be Resources, Elite Survivor Tokens, Bullets, or more.

We’ve added a “Landmarks” tab in the Community interface. This tab will show when Landmarks  are due to open, which are currently open, and who occupies them. The Tier 1 Landmarks will be open longer than the Tier 2, so make sure you take advantage of those Tier 2 open times! In addition, the Landmarks will broadcast a countdown to their openings, so all players will be aware of what is coming open soon.

And don’t blink-soon we’ll be opening a third tier of Landmarks in some very familiar places. These will require even more skill and offer even greater rewards. So cut your teeth on Tier 1 and 2, because Tier 3 is coming.

Stay Alive Out There.