As the release of THE WALKING DEAD: MARCH TO WAR looms ever closer, we can unveil more details of what players can expect when they start playing. We sat down with Michael Leoncavallo-Lead Game Designer on The Walking Dead: March to War-to get a better sense of what players can look forward to in terms of gameplay.

Hey there, Survivor: You've been waiting, and here it is: your first look at early gameplay footage in our upcoming mobile game THE WALKING DEAD: MARCH TO WAR. You'll see some familiar faces, get a feel for what the game looks and plays like, and start plotting your way to being chief ass-kicker in a world already knocked on its ass.

1. I love The Walking Dead - how does THE WALKING DEAD: MARCH TO WAR fit into the storyline from the comics?

THE WALKING DEAD: MARCH TO WAR  takes place just before Volume 20 of the comics, “All Out War.” This is the time where Rick and his crew from Alexandria have started forming alliances with other communities like The Kingdom and Hilltop to fight Negan and the Saviors.

In our game, though, a giant herd of walkers arrives just as things were starting to heat up between the factions, forcing things to slow down a bit in the war between the factions, and forcing many players like you into the Washington, DC area to avoid the walkers.

2. What type of game is TWD: MTW?

This is a strategic multiplayer war game. Players will build up their base on a shared map alongside other players. It’s also an inherently social game. Players will need to recruit and level up survivors and council members (made of familiar faces) to create a powerful army and fight alongside their friends against other communities formed by other players.

3. How is TWD: MTW different from other games in the genre?

Most games in this genre see the players training massive numbers of generic troops. In March to War your troops are individual people. Each one has a unique name and portrait and skillset and players will become attached to their favorites as they spend time and resources making them more powerful. But, when the inevitable happens and enemies come knocking at your door the player will need to make difficult decisions regarding who lives and who dies...

4. What will players be focused on doing at different stages of the game? Where do we start and what’s the endgame?

Early on in the game players will focus on survival. They will build up their bases, recruit and train new survivors, and unlock council members.

Soon after this they will learn the benefits of being in a Community. Joining a Community will not only offer some protection from other players, but it will allow players to start targeting Walker Swarms for big rewards.

By the mid-game, players will start looking toward Landmarks. At this stage in the game they will be targeting smaller Landmarks like police stations and clinics with their Community where they will be able to gather resources safer and faster than other areas of the map, all the while trying to fend off other Communities who want it just as much.

From here, players will start looking toward the bigger Landmarks, like The White House, The Pentagon, or even Alexandria itself. The rewards for winning and controlling these are going to be big, and so are the risks for trying to take one over.

5. How are Survivors different from troops in other strategy games?

In most other strategy games players train hundreds of thousands of generic troops that are simply a number in their barracks. But, since The Walking Dead is about the people, in March to War players will be recruiting individual survivors. Each survivor will have their own face, name, and flavor text. Survivors will also have a block of stats, like troops in other games do, but they will also have a number of talents that boost those stats or help them specialize in one of the many areas of the game. All of this makes the game, like the comics, about people.

6. How do Landmarks work?

Landmarks are essentially centers of conflict on the map that offer big rewards for the Community that takes control of it. All Landmarks start out in a locked state with a timer counting down to their accessibility. Once they are open, they are open to anyone. Will you be a big enough fish in the sea to hold off the other sharks circling in the deep?

Smaller Landmarks, like the Police Station and the Clinic, will allow Communities to garrison their raiding parties and gather resources in relative safety compared to a regular resource cache on the map. However, other Communities will be seeking out Landmarks as well so be ready to fight to defend anything you want to keep.

7. What are Dilemmas?

Dilemmas inject more story into the game and make it feel more authentic to the world of The Walking Dead . Every few hours a council member will appear with a dilemma. They will present the player with a question or issue they are having and give the player two choices on how to handle the situation. The choice the player makes will impact the rewards they receive from the dilemma.

8. Briefly, how does PvP work?

Players are able to attack other players by simply targeting their base and assembling a raiding party of 1 council member and up to 5 survivors. Players in the same community can easily coordinate through chat to attack the same player together, though each need to send their own raiding party. The target is not a sitting duck however, as his/her Community members can send a raiding party to garrison their base and help defend. When the attacking parties arrive they will have to first get through the garrisoned parties before hitting the target’s base.

Attacking other players is one of the fastest ways to gain (or lose) resources. It can also be a good tactic to protecting your own stash of resources, as they say the best defense…

Players need to be careful though, win or lose your survivors are going to take damage. If they take too much, well, this is The Walking Dead after...nobody is safe.

Releasing in Summer 2017, THE WALKING DEAD: MARCH TO WAR is a forthcoming story-based social strategy game from Disruptor Beam, the company which brought you “GAME OF THRONES ASCENT” and “STAR TREK TIMELINES.” With its striking art, stunning real-world feel of The Walking Dead universe, and an ever-shifting landscape of gameplay, March to War will challenge players to survive in a world left for dead.