Timelines Pins a Hit at PAX East 2015

PAX East 2015 has come and gone, but the pins live on! Yes, that’s right, you may have heard rumblings of our Pinny Arcade addition, the much beloved Starfleet insignia.

Pinny pin!

These proved to be amazingly popular and we were excited at how many people were lining up at our booth each day for their chance to get a pin! We only created 1200 and so we allocated 400 on Friday, 500 on Saturday and 300 on Sunday. The pins were given out to all players who waited in line to see the Star Trek Timelines Demo and sign up for our Bridge Crew.

Pin collectors and Star Trek fans alike were happy to wait between 30-60 minutes for their demo and pin. A huge thank you to all the attendees who visited our booth and gave us great feedback about our pin, the demo and the game!

Considering how awesome this year’s Pinny Arcade participation was, we’ll likely do it again at future PAX exhibits. Stay tuned to this blog for additional PAX news including interviews, content and videos!

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