The Winners of the Terror Phase of Alliance vs Alliance Combat!

The Official Winners of the Terror Phase of Alliance vs Alliance Combat!


First Place: Darkest Horror Wight Wedding

First in the North - House of the Black Goat
First in the Westerlands - A Thousand Eyes and One
First in the Crownlands - Kong's Landing
First in the Iron Islands - Iron Vengeance
First in the Stormlands - Wylde Dragon Kings
First in the Reach - Guardians of the Fourteen Flames
First in the Riverlands - Wings'BotSS' EoW'HL' LotD'Retro' TCL'WoD
First in Dorne - Unbowed Unbent Unbroken'
Second Place (100+) - House of Baratheon
Second Place (<100) - Dragonlords of Westeros
Egalitarian Regime - Ghosts of Wynterfell
Relentless - The House of Black and White
Peacemaker - The Insequent
Iron Bank - Direwolf Keep
Second in the North - Guardiani di Valyria
Second in the Westerlands - ELLINES Greek Alliance
Second in the Crownlands - Noble House of Targaryen
Second in the Iron Islands - The Prince of Orange
Second in the Stormlands - Big Mama's House
Second in the Reach - The Blackfish Rises
Second in the Riverlands - Last Sentinels of the Godswood
Second in Dorne - Fire and Blood'
Defender of the North - The Dragon Sleeps
Gold Trade - Wight Knights
City Repairs - Born of Fire and Blood
Reaver - DireCrows
Storm Wall - Storm of Fury
Helping Hands - Lords of the Frozen North
Battle Worn - La Garde Draconique
Destruction - Flight of Dragons with Usurpers


In case you have not read it yet, we posted an extensive blog about our Summer Roadmap and AvA Revamp, coming later this year. Until AvA prformance issues are addressed, AvA will be on hold. We'll let you know as soon as it's ready to start up again!