The Winners of the Owl Phase of Alliance vs Alliance Combat

Hello everyone,

We have been watching the end-of-phase changes to AvA with great interest, and shortly after the phase ended we started looking at the results. We ran the AvA winner results several times, both right before the phase ended and afterwards, to see how the results would change. While the algorithms that calculate results are automated, we manually review the results and rewards before making them official.

The big question from the end of the phase was whether Alliances who sent out many attacks and hoarded them by not looking at the results until a later time were acting within the rules or not. We have decided that while this was not disallowed, it went against the intention and spirit of the Alliance vs. Alliance system. We had intended for all attacks and aids to resolve within three hours of the phase ending.

Either decision we made about who won the Owl Phase was going to negatively affect an Alliance. On the one hand, Kong’s Landing used an intelligent and impressive method to ensure victory at the last moment. On the other hand, the smaller Dragonlords of Westeros pulled out all of the stops and was in first place up until well after we had intended the results to be calculated. Our decision is that Dragonlords of Westeros will receive the first-place rewards and Kong’s Landing will receive the second-place rewards, since Dragonlords of Westeros were in first place when we had intended the results to be complete aside from camp upgrades completing. However, to reward the craftiness of Kong’s Landing, we will be adding a special title to the second place rewards - “Crafty.” All Kong’s Landing members who participated in the Owl Phase will see this title on their characters. This title will be added to the rewards with today's build.

We take full responsibility for the confusion and disappointment felt by the Alliances involved. We had not intended or foreseen this possibility, and when it came up we discussed the consequences internally. All three teams involved - Production, Design, and our CEO - agreed that our intention was for attacks and aids to resolve within the first three hours after the phase ended. As much as we try to plan and coordinate things like AvA, we cannot foresee everything that can occur, which is what happened here. It is our fault and we will work to address it in the next phase.

With that, we are making the following rule changes for the second phase of Alliance vs. Alliance Combat:

- Any attacks or aids that resolve outside of a three-hour window after the phase ends will be disqualified and not used in calculating results.
- Alliances under five members may not win one of the superlative rewards (Diplomatic, Egalitarian, etc.). This will be called out in the rewards window for Phase Two. We found that several of our superlative rewards were granted to one or two-member Alliances. We are honoring those victories, but will be changing the rules for Phase Two.

We are also looking into other ways we can enforce this, either through game mechanics or system changes.

The official results for the end of the Owl phase are:

First Place: Dragonlords of Westeros

Second Place: Kong’s Landing
Third Place: Hear Me Roar
Fourth Place: Fire and Blood
Fifth Place: Flames of Balerion
Diplomatic Victory: The Outcasts
Egalitarian Regime: Kelo’s Dragons
Relentless: Salvation
Peacemaker: The Golden Company
Iron Bank: Winter is Coming Alliance

EDIT: Initially, FireBlood Guild was listed as the Diplomatic Victors. We identified a bug in the calculations, fixed the bug, and re-ran the query, finding the The Outcasts were the actual victors. Rewards will be given to The Outcasts instead of FireBlood Guild.


UPDATE: After talking to Kong’s Landing and Dragonlords of Westeros, we are doing the following:

1. Dragonlords of Westeros will receive the Crafty title, and Kong’s Landing will receive the Harbinger title.

2. Both First and Second place will receive identical rewards, with the exception of a rogue Hippocras in the second place rewards.


As with all features of Game of Thrones Ascent, we will continue to work with our player community and rely on their feedback about what is fun, what is exciting, and what works well in the game and build features and improvements as we roll out new content every week.

Thanks for being great players and making this first phase of AvA so successful!