The Winners of the Iron Bank Phase of Alliance vs. Alliance Combat!

Here it is ...



The Official Winners of the Iron Bank Phase of Alliance vs Alliance Combat


First Place and Grand Titan: A Thousand Eyes and One


First in the North: House of Baratheon

First in the Westerlands: Kong's Landing

First in the Crownlands: Wylde Dragons of Golden Valyria

First in the Iron Islands: Ice 'n' Fire

First in the Stormlands: More Fire More Blood

First in the Reach: Strongholds

First in the Riverlands: Fire and Blood'

First in Dorne: Dragonlords of Westeros

Second Place: Guardians of the Fourteen Flames

Egalitarian Regime: Northern Flame

Relentless: House Of The Black Goat

Peacemaker: Raisin' Bran

Iron Bank: Wolves rule the North

Second in the North: Winter is Coming Alliance

Second in the Westerlands: Holy R'hllors

Second in the Crownlands: Thisone

Second in the Iron Islands: From T h e Ashes

Second in the Stormlands: House of Black and White

Second in the Reach: The Red Vipers Bannermen

Second in the Riverlands: Varangian Guard

Second in Dorne: Growing Strong Alliance

Defender of the North: Northern Winter

Gold Trade: On Winters Eve

City Repairs: Stormbourne

Reaver: Climbing High

Storm Wall: Winter is Coming so Beware

Helping Hand: Winter of Discontent

Battle Worn: Augustinian Strada

Destruction: The Chosen of the Unconquered Sun


NOTE: Since the second-place Alliance had fewer than 100 members, there was not an additional second-place Alliance.

Thanks to all of our victors! Information on the next phase of AvA will be posted in a blog entry about the next World Event cycle, and rewards will be going out to victors shortly.