The Winners of the Ice Phase of Alliance vs Alliance Combat!

The Official Winners of the Ice Phase of Alliance vs Alliance Combat


First Place and Grand Hoarfrost Champion: A Thousand Eyes and One


First in the North - Ice 'n' Fire
First in the Westerlands - Kong's Landing
First in the Crownlands - Fire and Blood'
First in the Stormlands - From T h e Ashes
First in the Iron Islands - Strongholds
First in the Reach - Lair of The Direwolf and The Red Raven
First in the Riverlands - Dragonlords of Westeros
Second Place (100+) - House of Baratheon
Second Place (<100) - More Fire More Blood
Diplomatic Victory - Quartermaster Arbors Trading Guild
Egalitarian Regime - The Ironfist Alliance
Relentless - Here Comes the Sun
Peacemaker - Altera Vita
Iron Bank - Winter is Coming Alliance
Second in the North - Winter is Coming so Beware
Second in the Westerlands - ELLINES Greek Alliance
Second in the Crownlands - Wylde Dragons of Golden Valyria
Second in the Stormlands - We take what is ours with Fire and Blood
Second in the Iron Islands - True Knights of Winter
Second in the Reach - Guardians of the Fourteen Flames
Second in the Riverlands - TBWB The Brotherhood Without Banners
Defender of the North - Forever Autumn
Gold Trade - A Song of Ice N' Fire
City Repairs - Wild Stark
Storm Wall - By the Old and the New
Reaver - Elyssi Dracarys
Helping Hand - Knights Of The Arbor
Battle Worn - The Usurpers


There has been quite a bit of discussion on Hear Me Roar’s standings for this phase of AvA. As part of our actions, we decided to award the members of Hear Me Roar the item rewards for being First in the Reach, but not the official victory. The title and final victor went to the second-place Lair of The Direwolf and The Red Raven. As a result, the third place Alliance, Guardians of the Fourteen Flames, were moved up to the second place.


AvA Ice Phase rewards will  be distributed later today.