The Winners of the Harvest Phase of Alliance vs Alliance Combat




The Official Victors of the Harvest Phase

First Place and High Reaper: Hear Me Roar
First in the Reach: iDracarys
First in the Iron Islands: Dragonlords of Westeros
First in the Stormlands: Kong’s Landing
First in the Crownlands: Fire and Blood
First in the Westerlands: Varangian Guard
First in the North: Winter is Coming Alliance
Iron Bank: Strongholds
Peacemaker: The Money Bin
Relentless: TBWB The Brotherhood Without Banners
Egalitarian Regime: Unbowed Unbent Unbroken
Diplomatic Victory: Sisters of the Black Dread
Second Place: The Ancient Immortals
Second in the Reach: The Outcasts
Second in the Iron Islands: Bloody Mummers
Second in the Stormlands: House Baratheon
Second in the Crownlands: Flames of Balerion
Second in the Westerlands: The Greywolf
Second in the North: Wolves rule the North
Storm Wall: Blackwood Assassins
City Repairs: The Golden Knights
Gold Trade: New Valyrians
Defender of the North: WE ARE NOT SERFS
Helping Hand: Bthree
Reaver: Hear Me ARGH


Note: The Alliances Bthree and Hear Me ARGH were both at one member when the results were tallied. However, these Alliances had more members at one time, and we did not specify on those specific awards that Alliances had to be five members or more. As a result, we granted their sole member an award, but will be changing the text for the next phase to specify that these rewards must also have five members in the Alliance.