The Winners of the Bat Phase of Alliance vs. Alliance Combat!

Hello Bannermen! Today we have ...


The Official Winners of the Bat Phase of Alliance vs Alliance Combat!


First Place and Dark Nightmare: Kong’s Landing


First in the Riverlands: A Thousand Eyes and One

First in the North: More Fire More Blood

First in the Westerlands: House of Baratheon

First in the Crownlands: Elyssi Dracarys

First in the Iron Islands: Fire and Blood'

First in the Stormlands: Unbowed Unbent Unbroken'

First in the Reach: Winds of Winter These Wolves Remember

First in Dorne: Dragonlords of Westeros

Second Place (>100 Participants): Winter is Coming Alliance

Second Place (<100 Participants): Wings of Dragons

Second in the Riverlands: TBWB The Brotherhood Without Banners

Diplomatic Victory: Quartermaster Arbors Trading Guild

Egalitarian Regime: The Direwolves

Relentless: House Of The Black Goat

Peacemaker: Guardians Of The Known World

Iron Bank: Ice 'n' Fire

Second in the North: Thy Lords and Ladies of the North

Second in the Westerlands: The Red Vipers Bannermen

Second in the Crownlands: Wylde Dragons of Golden Valyria

Second in the Iron Islands: Original Protectors of the Realm

Second in the Stormlands: Polska Husaria

Second in the Reach: Growing Strong Alliance

Second in Dorne: From T h e Ashes

Battle Worn: The Usurpers

Defender of the North: Real Wolves Of Winter

Gold Trade: The Kings of the North Worldwide

City Repairs: King Of Winter

Reaver: Lord Reapers of Pyke

Storm Wall: Stark Reality

Helping Hands: Winter of Discontent

Destruction: Wild Stark



Thanks to all of our victors! Information on the next phase of AvA will be posted in a blog entry soon, and rewards will be going out to victors shortly.

NOTE: Originally, Those Who Wear No Pants won the Defender of the North prize. However, due to our rule additions from the end of the Owl Phase, no Alliance under five members may win a superlative award. As a result, the winner was changed to the next ranked Alliance, Real Wolves Of Winter.

Thanks for reading!