The Tale of Podrick’s Rock

Hey folks! We’re extremely excited to announce the most thrilling Tale yet: The Tale of Podrick’s Rock. Everyone remembers this epic storyline pulled straight from season five of HBO’s Game of Thrones. Now you can live out your wildest dream and play as this incredible stone, said to have existed since the Age of Heroes!

Rider in the Woods

The Story

Location 1: The Ground

Here, the rock bides its time, waiting for its moment of glory. When Podrick Payne arrives, catch his eye and join the fight!

Location 2: Podrick’s Hand

Here, Podrick is threatened by one of Littlefinger’s soldiers and, previously unarmed, reaches for the glorious rock. Let Podrick take hold of the rock in preparation for combat!

Location 3: Behind Podrick’s Head

Here, the rock’s balanced weight and battle-ready shape create the perfect weapon. Follow Podrick’s arm as he begins to throw, aiming precisely at the enemy.

Location 4: The Air

Here, the rock furiously flies through the chilly Riverlands air. Guide the rock on its way to crush the skull of the unsuspecting over-confident soldier.

Location 5: The Ground

Here, the rock falls to the ground, having gallantly made the choice to miss the soldier and spare his life. Contemplate the prospect of peaceful resolutions for the grim wars of Westeros.

The Rewards

Astonishing rewards for this tale include not only Podrick’s Rock, a peerless weapon that is truly without peers, but also a brand new seal!

Introducing… the Insignia of Podrick’s Rock!

Insignia of Podrick's Rock

This Tale will begin tomorrow, Saturday April 2nd at 11:00am EST (15:00 UTC) and run until Wednesday April 6th at 11:00am EST (15:00 UTC).

The Future of Tales

With the introduction of this eleventh Tale, we enter into a new era of Game of Thrones Ascent. While earlier Tales focused on lengthy conflicts that change the future of both Westeros and Essos, we want to shift towards more personal, smaller-scale adventures. Look for upcoming Tales such as “The Tale of Tyrion’s Wine Decanter” and “The Tale of That Guard Who Wouldn’t Let Arya Past The Gate At First But Then Did When She Threatened Him.” See you in Westeros!


Happy April 1st!