The Start of The Long Night cycle

Hello Bannermen!

The Braavosi Cycle has ended, and rewards are being given out as you read this. Like last cycle, our players pulled together and made a significant effort in the World Event, gaining a rare Water Dancer Blade for every participant! You may use the crafting recipes in the Godswood to evolve your Blade into the legendary and the peerless versions for the next two weeks. Make sure to adventure in Cracklaw Point for the Poisoned Blades needed to evolve your Blade to the next level!

Now that the Braavosi are ended, The Long Night begins!

Stage 1 of The Long Night cycle begins tomorrow at noon. After we push the build, players will have eight days to build camps in Stage 1 before Stage 2 of The Long Night begins next Wednesday, October 22nd at 12:00pm EDT.

NOTE: The cycle itself is called The Long Night, but the new systems and changes that are the actual Long Night expansion will be coming out on October 22nd. Think of Stage 1 of The Long NIght cycle as the prelude to the full expansion, which will be live on the 22nd, along with Stage 2 of The Long Night cycle.

What’s new in The Long Night cycle? Well, Stage 1 is similar to last cycle, and consists of:

  • New Adventures.
  • New Adventure Items.
  • New Quests.
  • The ability to build camps in preparation for Stage 2.

The changes we made for this cycle are swapping out actual items - body, hand, and companion items - for resources in the Adventures. Some players were confused over whether they should use the items on their character or Sworn Swords, while others urged them to ditch them - sometimes after the players had already permatized them or equipped them. It is clearer now that these are items that can be used in the World Event.

The new Adventures can be found in the Forging Bonds tab of your Adventures, and consist of four new Adventures:



The new items are:



We also added on another day to Stage 1. While many more camps were built in Stage 1 of the Braavosi Cycle, compared to Stage 1 of the Iron Bank cycle, we think another day will give some Alliances the extra breathing room to get their camps to level 10.

Aside from World Event changes, tomorrow’s build is a relatively light. That is because we are preparing for the much larger build coming next week! That build will contain the new Tactics system and all of our changes for The Long Night.

Remember - the night is dark and full of terrors. Prepare for some game-changing mechanics!