The Owl Phase Infographic, and Harvest Phase Stats!

Hello everyone,

Two blogs in a day? It's true! Today we have an infographic covering participation in our first Alliance vs. Alliance phase, the Owl phase. This phase covered 28 days of activity, from October 3rd to October 30th, and involved huge numbers of our players and Alliances. At its peak, we saw 180 Alliance actions per minute. We also saw some impressive amounts of resources contributed across the board, with Alliances both large and small vying for the rewards. Check out the infographic below:

(click on the image for a full-size version)

With the Harvest phase underway, we are seeing even more AvA activity from our players. By almost all metrics - frequency of AvA actions, silver and resource spend - our players are more engaged with this second phase of AvA. Below, we have charted all AvA actions by all players, and compared them hour-to-hour with the Owl phase and Harvest phase:

(click on the image for a full-size version)

When looking for the root cause of this sustained increase, we saw that Alliances of all kinds have greatly increased the number of actions they are taking. This is seen in this graph of Alliance actions, comparing the top 100 Alliances by AvA action count between the Owl phase and the Harvest phase:

(click on the image for a full-size version)

Please note that this graph doesn't show the top Alliances by AvA victory points, but instead shows the top 100 Alliances by number of actions taken during the phase. 

We did some additional analysis on why this is, and to head off any complaints about cheating or script usage, these results come from a generalized increase in Alliance participation across the board. It's not due to a small number of people starting to use scripts, and the play patterns aren't indicative of widespread script usage. As far as we can tell, it's because a lot of people of all types are playing in the Harvest Phase. This is shown in how even the small Alliances in AvA are increasing their AvA actions. Not by much, but enough to make a generalized increase across the board.

We are very invested in making AvA even better and more engaging for our players. We think that introducing regional rewards to AvA has increased participation, and we also think that our upcoming changes to Phase Three will improve AvA. Lastly, we remain committed to continuing to make the game awesome by listening to your feedback.

Thanks for reading!

The Disruptor Beam Team