The Official Winners of the Wolf Phase! Plus, Ice Phase Info!

Hello Bannermen!



Today, we have the official winners of the Wolf Phase of Alliance vs. Alliance combat!


Wolf Phase Victors

First Place and High Stalker: Fire and Blood’
First in the North: Winter is Coming Alliance
First in the Westerlands: Hear Me Roar
First in the Crownlands: From T H E Ashes
First in the Stormlands: Kong’s Landing
First in the Iron Islands: Bloody Mummers
First in the Reach: A Thousand Eyes and One
Second Place (Over 100 Participants): House of Baratheon
Second Place (Under 100 Participants): Unbowed Unbent Unbroken
Diplomatic Victory: Quartermaster Arbors Trading Guild
Egalitarian Regime: Rise of Rhaego
Relentless: Hidden Academy
Iron Bank: Legendary Black Knights
Second in the North: Winter is Coming so Beware
Second in the Westerlands: Guardians of the Fourteen Flames
Seconds in the Crownlands: TBWB The Brotherhood Without Banners
Second in the Stormlands: The Greywolf
Second in the Iron Islands: Ice ‘n’ Fire
Second in the Reach: The Citadel
Defender of the North: Forever Autumn
Gold Trade: Knights of the Winter Rose
City Repairs: Wylde Dragons of Golden Valyria (formerly Blood of Old Valyria)
Storm Wall: Travelling Medic
Reaver: The Red Vipers bannermen
Helping Hand: Strongholds

Wolf Phase Statistics

When talking about the AvA rankings with our Stewards, they challenged us to show the metrics surrounding winning Alliances. As part of our reward calculations, we also ran queries looking at numbers of Command Points, total number of Sworn Swords, average attacks, and participants. Here at Disruptor Beam, as a company that practices transparency and authenticity, we wanted to publish some of those numbers.

On average, an AvA Wolf Phase victor had 135 participants and 16,000 Command Points. Command points were determined from all characters in the Alliance at the end of the phase, not the total amount of Command Points used during the phase. It measures the potential of the Alliances if they used all available Command Points. This is highly skewed because of the Top 7 Alliances, which contained most of the participants. Those Top 7 Alliances (overall victor and the first-place finishes) had an average of 285 participants and 39,400 Command Points. Looking at the other 19 victors, we saw that the averages dropped significantly: participant average dropped to 80, and Command Point averages dropped to 7,400.

It is possible to win with a smaller Alliance; 7 of the victors had 35 participants or fewer in them. However, most victors outside of the top seven had an average of 60-70 members. This contradicted what I personally had thought, which was that the average number of participants outside the top seven was around 40-50. Rest assured that our Design team will be factoring this into AvA changes for the future.

We’ll continue to look at these numbers during the next phase of AvA. The Ice Phase contains better rewards which may encourage more Alliances to participate. We also expect an influx of iPad players as we begin to roll out the iPad version of the game to a global audience.  Our goal has always been to create a system that is interesting and engaging, so we’ll take these metrics into consideration for future phases.

The Ice Phase

The Ice phase is the next phase in AvA. This phase introduces updated rewards for AvA, with all reward levels seeing a boost in both the rarity of items and the quantity of rewards. The next phase will also be shorter, running three weeks from start to finish.

The time for the Ice phase will be:

Start: Wednesday, March 5th at 12:00pm EST (17:00 UTC)
Finish: Wednesday, March 26th at 12:00pm EST (17:00 UTC)

Both of these changes came directly from your feedback on our forums. We heard the requests for better rewards and the request for a shorter phase, so we’re doing both with the Ice phase. We’ll be watching to see how this plays out in the coming weeks.

Camp materials and upgrade requirements, as well as camp stats and VP, are not changing for the next phase.

Lastly, there are three new rewards, three new camp locations, and one new region in the Ice phase. With Tully joining our fealties, the Riverlands are now in play for Alliance vs. Alliance combat. We’re excited to see who will join the ranks of the victors with these three new rewards.

It’s gonna be Ice, Ice baby.