The Official Winners of the Mourning Phase of AvA!

The Official Winners of the Mourning Phase of Alliance vs Alliance Combat


First Place: Royal Executioner Holy R’Hllors


First in the North - Wylde Dragon Kings

First in the Westerlands - Shagga Likes Axes Dragons and Direwolves

First in the Crownlands - A Thousand Eyes and One

First in the Iron Islands - Iron Vengeance

First in the Stormlands - Kong's Landing

First in the Reach - Dragonlords of Westeros

First in the Riverlands - Unbowed Unbent Unbroken'

First in Dorne - Schadenfreude'

Second Place (100+) - House of Baratheon

Second Place (<100) - Coven of Dracarys Realm

Egalitarian Regime - Departed Westeros Renegades

Relentless - The Iron Throne Will Be Ours

Peacemaker - Knights of the Queensguard

Iron Bank - Fire and Blood'

Second in the North - A True King in the North

Second in the Westerlands - The Chaos Ladder

Second in the Crownlands - La Garde Draconique

Second in the Iron Islands - Raven Guard

Second in the Stormlands - Knights of the Winter Rose

Second in the Reach - Keepers of the North

Second in the Riverlands - We take what is ours with Fire and Blood

Second in Dorne - Dragon's Moving Castle

Defender of the North - Sun Moon and Stars

Gold Trade - The Blackfish Rises

City Repairs - From the Ashes

Reaver - The Faceless Bunnies

Storm Wall - Elyssi Dracarys

Helping Hands - Paying the Iron Price

Battle Worn - Rogues of Hollow Hill

Destruction - The 'Sanctuary'

Thanks to all of our victors! Rewards will be going out to victors shortly!