The Official Winners of the Long Night Cycle Alliance vs. Alliance Combat!

Hello Folks!




The Official Winners of the Long Night Cycle of Alliance vs Alliance Combat are here! It was a hard fought competition, and we saw some new faces (and animals) come out on top of the rankings!


First Place and Supreme Darkness: House of Baratheon


First in the North - Wings of Dragons

First in the Westerlands - Strongholds

First in the Crownlands - More Fire More Blood

First in the Iron Islands - House Of The Black Goat

First in the Stormlands - Dragonlords of Westeros

First in the Reach - Winter of Discontent

First in the Riverlands - Kong's Landing

First in Dorne - A Thousand Eyes and One

Second Place (100+) - Fire and Blood'

Second Place (<100) - Holy R'hllors

Egalitarian Regime - Departed Westeros Renegades

Relentless - Balerion's Ashes

Peacemaker - Halfman's Helpers

Iron Bank - The Kings of the North Worldwide

Second in the North - Wolves rule the North

Second in the Westerlands - The Faceless Bunnies

Second in the Crownlands - Ice 'n' Fire

Second in the Iron Islands - Wylde Dragons of Golden Valyria

Second in the Stormlands - Silk and Venom

Second in the Reach - Flight of Dragons w Wolves of Ice n Fire

Second in the Riverlands - Ghosts of Wynterfell

Second in Dorne - From The Ashes

Defender of the North - The Usurpers

Gold Trade - New Valyria's Reckoning

City Repairs - Minstrels and Mayhem

Reaver - Elyssi Dracarys

Storm Wall - The Blood Moon Rising

Helping Hands - The Heroic Regiment of Bunnies

Battle Worn - La Garde Draconique

Destruction - ELLINES Greek Alliance


Thanks to all of our victors! Information on the next phase of AvA will be posted soon, and rewards will be going out to victors shortly.