The Official Winners of the Justice Phase!

The Official Winners of the Justice Phase of Alliance vs Alliance Combat!


First Place: Supreme Judge Growing Strong Alliance


First in the North - Ashes in Wynterfell

First in the Westerlands - House Of The Black Goat

First in the Crownlands - Departed Westeros Renegades

First in the Iron Islands - More Fire More Blood

First in the Stormlands - Kong's Landing

First in the Reach - The Heroic Regiment of Bunnies

First in the Riverlands - House of Baratheon

First in Dorne - Wylde Dragon Kings

Second Place (100+) - A Thousand Eyes and One

Second Place (<100) - Winter is Coming Alliance

Egalitarian Regime - Lords and Ladies of the North

Relentless - The Iron Throne Will Be Ours

Peacemaker - The House of Black and White

Iron Bank - Elyssi Dracarys

Second in the North - Fire and Blood'

Second in the Westerlands - Dragons and Direwolves

Second in the Crownlands - Original Protectors of the Realm

Second in the Iron Islands - Dragons ate my Smallfolk

Second in the Stormlands - We take what is ours with Fire and Blood

Second in the Reach - Shagga Likes Axes

Second in the Riverlands - A Brotherhood without Banners

Second in Dorne - Furry Fury

Defender of the North - Direwolf Keep

Gold Trade - The Ominous They

City Repairs - Unbowed Unbent Unbroken Dragons

Reaver - The White Raven Order


Helping Hands - A Storm of Swords

Battle Worn - Rogues of Hollow Hill

Destruction - From the Ashes


Shortly before the Justice Phase began, the Game of Thrones Ascent community lost one of its own. Sue Hankla, one of our first players and a well-known figure in the game, passed away. She was a member of Growing Strong Alliance, and in her memory Growing Strong Alliance came forward to win the Justice Phase. I am sure Sue is smiling to see her Alliance take this title. In addition, the GoTA team has talked, and we'll be memorializing Sue in the game in a future build. When we have more details, we'll let you know. 

We also saw a newcomer to the first place rankings: Departed Westeros Renegades! A special congratulations to them, considering they did it as a Tier 1 Alliance, with fewer than 25 War Participants.

Thanks to everyone for completing the Justice Phase!