The Official Winners of the Hunter Phase of AvA!

Hello bannermen! Here are the Official Winners of the Hunter Phase of Alliance vs Alliance Combat.


First Place and Bounty Hunter: Schadenfreude'


First in the North - A Thousand Eyes and One

First in the Westerlands - More Fire More Blood

First in the Crownlands - Reigning Fire

First in the Iron Islands - Dragonlords of Westeros

First in the Stormlands - The Faceless Bunnies

First in the Reach - Fire and Blood'

First in the Riverlands - The Brotherhood of the Fourteen Flames

First in Dorne - Kong's Landing

Second Place (100+) - House of Baratheon

Second Place (<100) - The Heroic Regiment of Bunnies

Egalitarian Regime - Departed Westeros Renegades

Relentless - Rogue Rangers of the Realm

Peacemaker - Assemblee de Torrhen

Iron Bank - Hear Me Roar

Second in the North - The Golden Company

Second in the Westerlands - Dragonglass Slayers

Second in the Crownlands - The Dragon Sleeps

Second in the Iron Islands - ELLINES Greek Alliance

Second in the Stormlands - The Dream of Spring

Second in the Reach - A Storm of Swords

Second in the Riverlands - A Brotherhood without Banners

Second in Dorne - Unbowed Unbent Unbroken'

Defender of the North - From the Ashes

Gold Trade - Titans of the Apocalypse

City Repairs - By the Old and the New

Reaver - Original Protectors of the Realm

Storm Wall - Legion of Dragons

Helping Hands - Coven of Dracarys Realm

Battle Worn - Raven Guard

Destruction - Hear Me Snore

Thanks to all of our victors! Rewards will be going out to victors shortly!