The Official Winners of the Braavosi Cycle Alliance vs. Alliance Combat!

The Official Winners of the Braavosi Phase of Alliance vs Alliance Combat!


First Place and Noble Blade: House of Baratheon


First in the North - Kong's Landing

First in the Westerlands - Wylde Dragons of Golden Valyria

First in the Crownlands - Fire and Blood'

First in the Iron Islands - A Thousand Eyes and One

First in the Stormlands - House Of The Black Goat

First in the Reach - The Heroic Regiment of Bunnies

First in the Riverlands - TBWB The Brotherhood Without Banners

First in Dorne - More Fire More Blood

Second Place > 100 - Winter is Coming Alliance

Second Place < 100 - Unbowed Unbent Unbroken'

Egalitarian Regime - Northern Flame

Relentless - Steel Knights of Winter

Peacemaker - Riders of the North

Iron Bank - The Kings of the North Worldwide

Second in the North - Five Across The Eye

Second in the Westerlands - Keepers of the North

Second in the Crownlands - Rebirth Of The Dragons

Second in the Iron Islands - Wild Stark

Second in the Stormlands - Elyssi Dracarys

Second in the Reach - From T h e Ashes

Second in the Riverlands - Knights of Terror

Second in Dorne - House of Black and White

Defender of the North - Strongholds

Gold Trade - Raiders Of The Seven Kingdoms

City Repairs - Minstrels and Mayhem

Reaver - Valar Morghulis Code

Storm Wall - Orys' Fury

Helping Hand - Olenna's Thorns

Battle Worn - Original Protectors of the Realm

Destruction - Hear Me Snore


What an exciting cycle! We had a strong showing from House of Baratheon, capturing First Overall and Noble Blade with over 300,000,000 VP. We also saw an Alliance that did not exist before the Iron Bank cycle, The Heroic Regiment of Bunnies, hop their way to First in the Reach. Due to their tremendous effort, and the unflagging help of their allies, they were able to take first in a region.  Congratulations to all of our winners!

NOTE: Northern Flame was affected by a display issue for their War Participants, showing 2 participants when they had 16 through the phase. We fixed their display issue this morning, and verified they are the winner of Egalitarian Regime. This is a display issue that occurred for a few Alliances, which we will address in a future build.

Victor awards will be sent out within a few hours of this post.

Stage 3 of the Braavosi Cycle will begin soon, bringing the end of the Braavosi Cycle and a chance for all of our players to win new prizes!

Thank you to all of our participating Alliance, and we’ll see you in the next cycle of World Events!