The Next Evolution of Dragons: The Adolescent Dragon

It has been a very busy time around AvA changes and discussion around AvA, but that doesn't mean that we're not hard at work on other parts of the game! Today we're going to talk about the next evolution of dragons: the fearsome Adolescent Dragon.

The Next Stage: The Adolescent Dragon

Adolescent Dragons are at the same stage of life as Daenerys' dragons at the end of Game of Thrones Season Five. Much larger than a person, they are able to fly and breathe fire down on their enemies. Like Drogon, they are deadly beasts capable of extreme violence, and evolving your dragons into an Adolescent Dragon is the culmination of dragon crafting - at least for now.

We expect Adolescent Dragons to be the final stage of dragon evolution until sometime in the future. Like you, we don't know what Season Six of Game of Thrones will bring, so we're unable to say whether your dragons will turn into fire-breathing adult dragons next year. When we get the go-ahead from HBO, we'll bring the next evolution of dragons to you.

Evolving Your Dragon

Evolving out of a Young Dragon, a regular Adolescent Dragon has 60/60/60 base stats, and some killer specializations as well. They provide a 12% bonus to both attack and defense, alongside a 10% attack speed bonus, a 12% silver bonus, and 12% chance to return a sworn sword on death.

For the Adolescent Dragon art, we have used our epic art piece, which we call "Dragon Romp." Inspired by our imaginations of Daenerys' dragons hunting the flocks outside of Mereen, this piece of art features two dragons soaring through the sky, looking for their next meal. We felt it was fitting to use this awesome piece of art for the latest evolution of dragons.

The recipe for an Adolescent Dragon will be:

1 x Young Dragon
1 x Harnessed Dragonfire
3 x Elite Cavalryman

The Harnessed Dragonfire is a brand new Legendary Weapon created from:

1 x Pyre
1 x Dracarys
8 x Grand Pack Horses

You can create Harnessed Dragonfire in the Alchemist's Guild.

EDIT: As of 8/3, we made a change for Harnessed Dragonfire. Instead of being the above ingredients for a luck recipe, it is now a guaranteed craft for 3 Dracarys and 16 Grand Pack Horses. While the ingredients themselves are higher, you are guaranteed a Harnessed Dragonfire. Read more about the change here.


Lastly, we are happy to announce that you'll be able to start evolving Adolescent Dragons next week! Alongside the new recipes, we'll have another dragon crafting week to celebrate this latest evolution. New deals and increased dragon material drop rates will accompany these majestic beasts.

Thanks for reading, and we know we'll start seeing your Adolescent Dragons soon!