The Next 4 Weeks in GoTA

Here’s what we’ve got planned for our Game of Thrones Ascent players in the upcoming 4 weeks:


August 24, 2015

Seal Slot Sale and a brand new Tale, The Free Folk

After so many of our players requested it, we’re bringing back a favourite - Seal Slot Sale week! Seal slots will be on sale for huge savings this week, so prepare to seal up your Sworn Swords and gear while you can. Every one of your item and Sworn Sword seal slots more expensive than 6 gold will be discounted down to 6 gold! We’ll also be adding more seals to the shop, making them available for the entire week.

This week’s Tale is brand new, and called The Free Folk! Focusing on Battle and Intrigue (corrected from Battle and Trade), it takes you to the Free Folk, and Jon Snow’s journey among them.



August 31, 2015

Break from Tales, new Crafting Recipes, +1 Luck

and Breaking Ties, Chapter 5!

This week will have new Quest content - Breaking Ties chapter 5, as well as a break from Tales (no Tale this week). We’re giving our players a two week break, then we’re starting Tales back up with The Dragon Queen 3 in September!

We’ll be putting in some new Crafting Recipes, as well as adding +1 to all Luck recipes. For this week, when you fail a crafting attempt, you’ll get an additional Luck! Plus, your stats and abilities still affect your crafting, so you can earn even more luck with tactics and building upgrades. Please stay tuned to our Build Notes on the 31st for specific information and changes:


September 8, 2015

Break from Tales, 300% Adventure XP,

as well as “something special”...

This week we’ll have another break from Tales, but your time will be filled with adventure as we bring back the 300% XP week for Adventures! Take this time to level up your Tales Sworn Swords in anticipation of Tales starting back up the next week. Plus, we may have something special to bring to you this week - more details as we get closer!

We’re also planning something very special, so be prepared for that… more to come!


September 14, 2015

The start of Dragon Queen 3, Tactics Boost,

and Breaking Ties, Chapter 6!

This week the Tale will be The Dragon Queen 3. We’ll have a Tactics Boost to go along with that, and will be giving more information closer to that week. For this week, a tactics boost will give you some extra bonuses to both yours, and your alliance's tactics.

We’ll also be dropping new Quest content, Breaking Ties, chapter 6!

Be sure to keep an eye on our Facebook Page for news, information and Promos, as well as this thread in our forums if you have any comments or questions about the Summer Schedule!