The King in the North: Our Fifth Tale

The fifth Tale of Ice and Fire is The King in the North!


When Robb Stark set out from Winterfell and marched on King's Landing, he led 20,000 angry Northerners to the Riverlands. Never losing a battle, he smashed Lannister armies, captured Jamie Lannister, and fought against some of the bests military minds in Westeros. Relive his mighty battles with our fifth Tale, King in the North!


The King in the North

Starting June 24th, at 11:00am EDT (15:00 UTC), we'll begin our fifth Tale, King in the North. Like Arya and the Hound, Tyrion in Exile, and the second Dragon Queen Tales, this Tale will be four days and seven hours long, ending on Sunday, June 28th at 6:00pm EDT (22:00 UTC). It'll also include new peerless items, new titles, and, of course, more free gold for the Top 2500 players!

The King in the North is a 50% Battle, 50% Trade Tale.


New Vigor Threshold

For King in the North, we increased the maximum vigor from 60 to 80. This gives our players eight hours before they start losing vigor due to the threshold. We heard some of our players asking for a higher threshold, so we delivered! 


New Titles: King in the North

With King in the North come three new, exclusive titles:

  • First, second, and third-place players will receive the title, King in the North! If you're a female player, you'll be the Queen in the North.
  • Fourth to fiftieth-place players will receive the title, the Young Wolf!
  • And fifty-first to one-hundredth-place players will receive the title, of the North!

There are also three brand-new peerless items you can win: Greatjon's Knife, which gives a 9% speed bonus to Fight attacks; the Cloak of the Young Wolf, which gives bonuses to Battle when attacking and defending; and the brand-new Stark Direwolf, which gives bonuses to Battle and Trade.


The King in the North begins tomorrow!

Get ready for the King in the North, starting tomorrow at 11:00am EDT! And get your gear ready for next week's Tale, Slaver's Bay #2! We'll be re-running Slaver's Bay, giving you a chance to win the titles and items from Slaver's Bay.

Thanks for reading, and have a great time in Game of Thrones Ascent!