The Dragon Queen, Take 2!

Hello Bannermen! Starting today, we’re starting the first re-run Tale, The Dragon Queen! So how does this work, and what does it mean for our players who already participated in The Dragon Queen? Let’s read on and find out!


Same Name, New Changes

The Dragon Queen was the first Tale we ran, waaay back in the ancient times of April 2015. As our first Tale, we learned a lot, and those learnings changed the next three Tales. Now that we’re re-running The Dragon Queen, you can expect some changes:

  • There’s no Sworn Sword death in this version of The Dragon Queen. In the first run, you could lose Sworn Swords to death. We have UI updates letting us better communicate death in Tales, but until they’re out on all platforms, death will stay disabled.
  • It’s a shorter Tale this time. Like Arya and the Hound and Tyrion in Exile, this version of The Dragon Queen will end at 6:00pm EDT on this Sunday.
  • The buffs in the Tale have been changed to more closely resemble Tyrion in Exile buffs.
  • The renown thresholds have been lowered from the first run of The Dragon Queen, mirroring the thresholds in Arya and the Hound or Tyrion in Exile.


Same Name, Same Rewards and Items

The items you purchased or won in the first Dragon Queen Tale will still work in this second Tale! You can re-use the items you purchased to start winning battles as soon as they start. And you have a chance to win the same awesome rewards you won the first time: Khal Drogo’s Arakh, Khal Drogo’s Stallion, and, of course, the awesome Khal or Khaleesi titles. So get your items equipped and ready for this Tale!


Other Tales Coming Soon

The Dragon Queen is our first re-run of a Tale, but it’s not the end of new Tales. Our next Tale, King in the North, will be running next week, and after King in the North we plan for you to range beyond the Wall. Each one will have awesome new titles to win, like King in the North. We’ll talk more about the new Tales in future blog posts.


The Dragon Queen Starts Today!

Starting today at 11:00am EDT (15:00 UTC) we’ll turn on The Dragon Queen. You’ll be able to play until Sunday at 6:00pm EDT (22:00 UTC).

Thanks for all of your feedback, and have fun!