Tales of Ice and Fire - FAQ

Before today, we sat the Tales system down in front of some players, and had them ask all the questions they could think of. These are the answers to those questions!


Haven't read our detailed blog post going over Tales? Check it out now! And make sure to watch our playthrough of the Tales system!


Those rewards in the video were crazy! Are they real?

No. All rewards in the video were temporary and for testing only. You won’t get all of those specific items for playing Tales - but you will get plenty of items for participating and winning!


Tales seem to be instant. Are there any timers when I attempt a Tale?

Tale attempts can be completed as quickly or as slowly as you would like. Once you start an attempt, you can complete it whenever you’d like. Vigor is only used to start an attempt, and isn’t used for the challenges or stages. You could do AvA, send out Adventures, craft items, and do quests between Tale challenges, if you’d like. The only limit to Tale attempts is how much Vigor you have.


If I reincarnate or reset, do I lose my progress in Tales?

No. Your Tales progress, including renown, rank, and rewards, are tied to your account, not your character. What you will lose is the specific Tale you were on - your party will be removed, and the Tale ended, so make sure you retreat or complete your tale before you reincarnate!


How hard are Tales?

Tales take into consideration quite a few factors when assigning difficulty. Your Sworn Swords stats, the number of completions you’ve had for each challenge, and some difficulty ranges we have set up all come into play. During our testing, we found that level 30-40 players could complete normal and try hard; level 100-120 players could complete hard but had lots of difficulty in epic; and level 200+ players found epic to be quite a challenge. That’s not to say that level 40 players couldn’t complete epic or level 200 players have trouble with hard; it all depends on the Sworn Swords you bring into the party, and how many times you have completed the challenges.


Do Tales use my character’s stats, or just my Sworn Sword’s stats?

Tales only use your Sworn Sword’s stats. The equipment on your Sworn Sword - seals, equipped items, seals on the equipped items - as well as the Sworn Sword’s training are all factored into your stats. Seals, talents, and equipped items on your character, as well as your buildings and their stats, are not factored into your stats on Tales.


How do I earn renown?

You earn renown by completing challenges in the Tale. The more stages in a challenge you complete, and the higher difficulty the challenge is, the more renown you’ll earn.


How do I earn Vigor?

Vigor is recovered over time. Vigor recovers up to a limit, but you can purchase more vigor with gold. If you purchase Vigor with gold, you can go over the limit, but your Vigor won’t start recovering until you’re back under the limit. For example, if my limit is 45 Vigor, and I buy or acquire 90 Vigor, then I won’t start recovering Vigor until I drop under 45 Vigor. You can also earn Vigor by completing threshold rewards, and as loot drops from the Tales challenges themselves.


You said I lose my rewards if I fail. What do I lose?

You lose all the renown and rewards you unlocked for that attempt. Renown and rewards you unlocked and acquired in previous attempts aren’t lost.


Will Tales remember my party for the next attempt?

Tales will automatically select the party you last used when you run them again.


Will there always be a Tale available?

Not right after launch. Our content team will be writing and balancing new Tales quickly, though, and our second Tale will be available shortly after we release Fire and Blood. Our second Tale will be Daenerys’ sack of the Slaver’s Cities.


How do players compete in Tales?

You compete by earning renown. The more renown you earn, the higher you’ll place on the leaderboard. When the overall Tale of Ice and Fire ends, the leaderboard will be final. Players will have a two-hour grace period after the Tale ends, for players who were in the middle of an attempt, and during that grace period you may complete your current attempt.

Ties on the leaderboard are handled using standard competition ranking. An example is if two people tie for second; the first-place winner would get the first-place reward, the two tied players would both get second-place rewards, and the fourth-place winner would get fourth-place rewards. There would be no third-place rewards.


Does renown get reset after each Tale?

Renown is reset when the overall Tale of Ice and Fire is complete. Tales Keepsakes (called Tales Tokens in the video) persist between Tales and can be accumulated over several Tales. You can redeem the Keepsakes in the Great Hall, one of our new buildings.


Will my World Event gear provide a benefit in Tales?

Yes! Your World Event gear - Seals of the Fourteen Flames, Dragonglass Dagger, etc. - will have a new stat added to them when we release Fire and Blood. You won’t need to do anything to get this stat; it will be added to your existing equipment.


Can I swap out gear during a Tale?

No. While you are attempting a Tale, you cannot swap out gear on your Sworn Sword. You’ll need to make sure they’re well equipped before sending them off!


Can I do Tales while I’m doing AvA / Questing / Adventuring?

Yes! Tales require no CP, so as long as you have five Sworn Swords (and are above the minimum level to start playing Tales - initially set to character level 15), you can run Tales. We want Tales to be a complement to our game, and something everyone can run, whether they are a competitive AvA player or a busy crafter.


Can I use my Sworn Swords while they’re in a Tale?

No. Your Sworn Swords will be busy while they’re attempting a Tale, and cannot be used for other actions while they’re in the Tale. This doesn’t mean they’re unavailable for the whole week, just when they’re actively involved in an attempt. You also cannot use Sworn Swords that are in a garrison, on an Adventure, doing quests, etc. - you’ll need to free them up before using them in a Tale.


Do my Sworn Swords earn experience while doing Tales?

Not right now, no. We may add Sworn Sword or character experience to Tales in the future.


That's it for now - as we see more questions, we'll add them and our answers to this post!