Customize Your Team With Talents!

As you play through THE WALKING DEAD: MARCH TO WAR, you’ll find that each aspect of the game requires some degree of experience and specialization to master. For example, you might notice that Clear Walker Missions are a breeze, but it takes you forever to get to and from Supply Missions. These are likely the result of the combination of Talents of your Council Members and Survivors.

Careful management of Talents can fully customize your band of Survivors and can make the difference between living large and barely getting by. Focus too much on combat and you might not be able to gather enough supplies. Invest too heavily in supply management, and your troops might be so slow in getting to and from missions that you can’t keep up with the crowd in leveling your base.

Aaron's rare "Negotiator" talent gives his parties a big March Speed boost!

Aaron's rare "Negotiator" talent gives his parties a big March Speed boost!

The Council

Each Council Member brings with them a wealth of knowledge and experience to bolster your Survivors. Each also has a particular area of expertise, which if properly identified and used can make much quicker work of obstacles in your way. For example, Andrea gets the most out of any snipers she leads. Dwight is a master at attacking occupied nodes. Amira starts out strong against Clear Walkers missions and becomes a Landmarks master. Paying attention to the talents of your Council Members and the talents they acquire as you collect enough Comic Covers to improve them is a critical part of being successful in the game.

Your Survivors

While Council Members unlock pre-determined talents based on who they are, you get to influence the path your Survivors take. When a Survivor gains enough levels, they will unlock a new Talent slot, and you will be able to choose between Talents.

Survivor Talents impact the Council Members leading their Raiding Party or provide a boost in one of six key attributes of the Survivor.

Council Member Traits:

Generally, these buffs (trait improvements) affect the entire party.


Leadership provides an overall stat buff to the entire party.

Gather Speed

The speed with which a party acquires Resources while at a Node or Landmark.


The volume of Resources a party is able to carry.

March Speed

How quickly a Raid Party gets to and from a Mission.

This survivor has one Epic and two Rare talents.

This survivor has one Epic and two Rare talents.

Survivor Mission Traits:

These traits affect the individual Survivor while on missions.


The amount a Survivor can carry.

XP gains

The amount of Experience Points a Survivor earns

Survivor Combat Traits

These traits affect the individual Survivor while in combat. Taken in total with an opponent’s offsets, these determine the damage done to each party in battle.


Accuracy works against your opponent’s Avoidance trait. A higher accuracy skill can negate an enemy’s ability to avoid your attacks.


The Attack skill works against your enemy’s Defense skill. High attack numbers will overwhelm your opponent’s defenses.


Avoidance is how wily your survivor is. A high Avoidance skill can confound even the most accurate shot.


Your Defense skill works against your opponent’s Attack. Is the best Offense a strong Defense?


As you build your team, you’ll see members of all classes with talents from every class. Make sure you pay attention to who you are recruiting!

Occasionally, you may see talent badges of different color.  These colors indicate the RARITY (and relative value) of the talents offered.

Gray or White talents are COMMON.

Green talents are UNCOMMON

Blue talents are RARE

Purple talents are EPIC

Gold talents are LEGENDARY

Strategic Thinking

Your Raiding Parties can become quite customized for any given task. Mastery of the Talent system allows you to devise unique strategies, effective defenses and devastating attacks. Start thinking about how you want to survive as you are building your team. Are you generalists? Aggressively offensive?  Materials specialists? Defensive masters? How you approach your Talents will go a long way in your success in this world.

Stay alive out there.