Sworn Sword sorting coming to Adventure Parties!

Hello Bannermen!


Ever had that frustrated feeling sliding all the way down to add a Sworn Sword to your party, only to have it slide back to the top? Or what about finding the Sworn Swords that are finished, and changing just them? Fret no more! Sworn Sword ordering is coming to your Adventure Party on Monday!

NOTE: Adventure Party sorting is coming to Web first this Monday, then iOS and Android with future builds.


Sorting is based on four criteria:

  • Sort by Filled. Filled are slots that have Sworn Swords in them, regardless of state, sorted by level descending.
  • Sort by Unfilled. All unfilled slots are at the top.
  • Sort by Complete. All Sworn Swords that have completed their adventures are at the top, sorted by level descending.
  • Sort by Incomplete. All Sworn Swords either out on adventures 

To sort your party, simply click the yellow button next to "Sort by," and the party will cycle through the sort options.


Sort by Filled


Sort by Empty


Sort by Complete


Sort by Incomplete