Sworn Sword Retraining and Sell All!

Hello Bannermen! The world has finished another orbit around our sun, and we all have to adapt to writing a 15 instead of a 14. It also means it’s time for the first official blog post of the year! Hooray!

It’s with great pleasure we announce two long-awaited improvements to Game of Thrones Ascent: Sworn Sword Retraining and Selling Multiple Items!

NOTE: The following blog post details updates coming to the web version of Game of Thrones Ascent. Our iOS and Android players will see these updates in future builds. In the meantime, our iOS and Android players can log into their account on Facebook or our website to use these features.


Sworn Sword Retraining

Everyone has made that mistake early in their account where they specialized a Sworn Sword in something they regretted. Maybe you put ten points into Intrigue and five points into a Harass bonus; maybe you accidentally added a few points into Aid for a Spy Sworn Sword. Or maybe it’s time to respecialize your swords from a Harass group to a Fight group. With Monday’s build, you’ll be able to retrain any Sworn Sword for a small amount of gold.

It’s important to note that retraining a Sworn Sword does not make that Sworn Sword permanent. Unlike unlocking a Seal Slot, this will not turn a non-permanent Sworn Sword into a permanent Sworn Sword - this just returns training points for that Sworn Sword.

Any Sworn Sword that isn’t busy will have an option to retrain their training points. If the Sworn Sword is garrisoned, patrolling, or in a party, you won’t see this option - you’ll need to remove them from their action to see this.

Retraining starts at two gold, and goes up by one gold every time you retrain that specific Sworn Sword. So for my first retraining, it costs me two gold, but my next one would cost me three gold for that specific Sworn Sword. Note that it’s two gold to return all points, NOT per point!

Retraining a Sworn Sword pops up a confirmation box to make sure you don’t retrain them by mistake:

After you click yes, all of their points are returned:

You can see that my cost for retraining this Sworn Sword went up to three gold.

You can then train your retrained Sworn Sword in any specialty you choose. You can even choose a different specialty, if you so choose!


You’ll still need to apply each point individually, though!


Selling Multiple Items

Can it be? Are we finally giving you a way to sell more than one item at a time? We are! Coming next Monday, you’ll be able to sell multiple items at one time. You can even sell all the items in a single click!

If you click on sell for an item with a quantity of one, nothing will change. However, if you click on an item with a quantity greater than one, you get a new pop-up asking you how many of the item to sell:

Clicking Sell All automatically sells all of that item. Set Custom Amount lets you sell as many (or as few) of the item as you would like. Here’s what it looks like in the game itself:

This will allow our players to finally sell dozens, hundreds, maybe even thousands of spare items that they no longer wish to have cluttering up their inventory.


Coming Live to a Build Near You!

We are tentatively planning for these changes to go live next Monday. We reserve the right to not release them if they don't pass our QA test, but we'll work hard to get them in front of you next week!

Thanks for reading!