Survey Says: Disruptor Beam answers Star Trek questions

Here at Disruptor Beam, we’re being trusted with what is arguably one of the greatest entertainment properties of all time. Star Trek not only spawned great television through the ages, but also found a home in the cinema as well. To wit, the legacy of Star Trek is not to be trifled with. In order to find out more about who knows what here at Disruptor Beam, I took to the stars - uh, I mean desks, to survey the crew about the Star Trek universe.

Here’s what I learned!

Q1 - What is your favorite Star Trek series overall?

Perhaps not surprising, most of us were fans of The Next Generation, by a long shot. It’s the series I think most of us grew up with, so that makes sense. The Original Series was the next in line, albeit barely. (Maybe the least surprising fact was that no one voted for Enterprise - sorry, Captain Archer!)



Q2 - What about the movies? Which ones are your favorites?

This question was a bit flat across the board - the leaders though were those who prefered the shows to the movies, and prefered movies starring the Original Series cast.



Q3 - Have you ever cosplayed as a Star Trek character?

As it turns out, only 2 of our intrepid crew have donned the uniform to report to the bridge, though many of us would if we could. The other half of us is just happy wearing civilian clothes.

Jessica in uniform

We already knew that our own Jessica S. cosplayed as a young girl (see her Dev Diary for more info).


Q4 - If you could have one technology from any Star Trek show be made in your lifetime, what would it be? Why?

Perhaps unsurprising, the Transporter was the clear winner, with it’s ability to shorten travel times (with or without children). The one exception was someone who wanted to “live in golf weather and work somewhere else.”   I can’t argue that logic at all!  (The Replicator was a close second though - there’s no shortage of of hungry coders in our office!)

Q5 - What's the thing you're most excited about working on in Star Trek Timelines? (If you're not directly on the STT team, let us know what you're most looking forward to!)

Here’s where it gets a bit more difficult to quantify the results. While we have a lot of great team members working on Star Trek Timelines, we’ve got a lot of folks who work on Game of Thrones Ascent (our other awesome game already out).

From what I can tell, most of us are looking forward to being immersed into the universe and combining characters from the different series. We also want to make sure we represent favorite characters accurately in the game - with all their similarities and differences.   Those of us involved in the community side of things seem most excited to meet with fans all over the globe to talk about Star Trek!

Q6 - Who is your favorite Captain?

Again, I think because of our median age range and the series most of us remember, TNG’s Captain Picard won with the most votes. Kirk and Janeway were tied for second.



Q7 - Would you be brave enough to use the transporter?

Overwhelmingly, there was a resounding “YES!”, though we had a small handful of people who weren’t willing at all. They can stay on Earth, then!

Q8 - What colour shirt would YOU wear if you were on a TOS starship (what role would you be)?

Truth be told, our crew was split fairly evenly between Red (engineering, security, comms), Blue (science, medical), or Yellow (command, tactical). This indicates a great a blend of people here at DB headquarters. Luckily, all of our redshirted away team members are all still alive and kicking!


You’ve already seen a few of our redshirts - and one lucky blueshirt - with Captain Kirk himself.


As it turns out, we seem to be a pretty knowledgeable group on the subject of Star Trek. Whew!

Did you have other questions for the team? Were your own answers different from ours?   Let us know in the Forums!