Sunrise and New Features

Next week we will have our Build on Tuesday. We wanted one extra day to test all the great things coming up!

Performance Improvements!

Our engineers have been hard at work making several key performance improvements that will benefit many areas of the game.

Player inventory updates have been heavily optimized over the last two weeks. This will result in significantly faster login times as well as reduced time for player inventory updates elsewhere in the game. With these changes, our app servers will have much more bandwidth to handle requests.

We have done extensive testing under conditions similar to the live environment, and will push the changes to the beta server over the weekend so that players can test it further.

AvA Sunrise Phase!

We are having our newest AvA Phase - the Sunrise Phase - from Tuesday December 15th at 11am (16:00 UTC) until Tuesday December 22nd at 11am (16:00 UTC).

You can read all about the Phase in our FAQ on the forums, here:

Next week’s performance improvements play a significant role in reducing the problems that we saw in Fireborn. The core issue from Fireborn dealt with inventory loading time during login as players refreshed to reveal the AvA Button. In addition to optimizing the server requests, we will have the AvA Button be available prior to the start of AvA but with actions disabled. We will also be ready with more servers on standby in order to handle any high server load.

Seal Peel!

We’re ready to bring the much anticipated “Seal Peel” feature to GoTA! Seals were originally intended to be used one-time-only, but now for the first time ever, GoTA players will be able to retrieve Seals that have been placed onto items. It is fully implemented on web and we have been thoroughly testing it this week. It will be coming to the other platforms soon. 

When examining a Seal on an item, instead of the single “Replace” button there are now two different buttons: “Remove” and “Retrieve”.  

Seal Peel

“Remove” fills the role of “Replace”. For no cost you can break the seal, clearing the seal slot. The removed seal is lost and you are free to place a new seal in the slot.

“Retrieve” is the in-game name for returning the seal to your inventory. For a silver or gold cost, the Seal returns to your inventory and can be used again. The Retrieve cost depends on the retrieved Seal’s rarity:

  • Common: 500 Silver
  • Uncommon: 2000 Silver
  • Rare: 4000 Silver
  • Legendary: 3 Gold
  • Peerless: 5 Gold

On pressing either Remove or Retrieve, you will see a pop-up confirmation to verify that it is the action you want to take.

These prices allow very low cost retrieval for the lower rarities. In particular this enables newer players who have been placing seals for the first time to move them around without much trouble. For Legendary and Peerless seals, the prices are 1/3 the cost of new seals of that rarity. Where before you would have had to buy the seal again in order to use it on a different item (as well as losing the original seal), now you can pay a fraction of the cost to re-use them.

Seal Filtering!

We are introducing filtering to the Apply Seals screen so that you can easily find the best seals for your item. Starting with the build on Tuesday, you will be able to filter your seals by Rarity. Soon after we will be adding filters for Battle/Trade/Intrigue and the action specializations to match the set of filters in your Storage.

Seal Filtering

Renaming Sworn Sword!

Get ready for a whole new avenue of customization: You can now rename any of your Sworn Swords! Just like with items, for the cost of 2 gold you can give a Sworn Sword any name you want (within the standard obscenity filters of course). The rename will persist through death and replacement, and it also makes the Sworn Sword permanent.

Rename Sword Swords

Break from Tales!

Next week we take a break from our Tales schedule during the Sunrise AvA Phase. Tales will return on December 30th with the fourth run of Tyrion in Exile.