Star Trek: Discovery Warps Into STAR TREK TIMELINES

This Sunday, for the first time in more than a decade, a new Star Trek™ series beams into your living room with the premiere of Star Trek: Discovery. We’re celebrating this new entry into the world we love in the best way we know how: by bringing Discovery into STAR TREK TIMELINES!

New players will already see Cmdr. Michael Burnham and Lt. Saru in our tutorial. Soon, with our October Mega-Event “Discovery: A New Anomaly,” we’ll be adding more crew, more ships, and more stories into the game. But first, take a peek at the Launch Trailer for Discovery in STAR TREK TIMELINES.

Mega Event "Discovery: A New Anomaly."

On Thursday, October 5th, “Discovery: A New Anomaly" begins.  The month-long event will introduce Discovery to players while bringing ships and crew into the game.  New crew coming to the game will include Captain Philippa Georgiou, Lt. Saru, Michael Burnham, T'Kuvma, Gabriel Lorca, Paul Stamets, Harry Mudd, Young Sarek,  Ash Tyler, and Sylvia Tilly. The Event schedule is as follows, without spoilers!


"Streak of Stardust"  

Thursday, 10/5 - Tuesday, 10/10

"First Impressions"

Thursday, 1/12-Monday, 10/16

"Orion Belt"

Thursday, 10/19-Monday, 10/23

"A Logical Reaction"

Thursday, 10/26-Monday, 10/30

In addition, new ships from Discovery will make their way into the game. Starting with the U.S.S. Shenzhou, you’ll soon be able to level up many of your favorite Discovery ships.

Enjoy, Captains, and don’t forget to watch Star Trek: Discovery on CBS All Access at 8:30 P.M. ET (5:30 P.M. PT) on September 24th!