New Feature Announcement: Starbases

Greetings, Captains:

Over the past several months, Fleets have become a more important part of STAR TREK TIMELINES. You’ve been able to work together to complete daily objectives and earn Honor. Now you’ll have even more reasons to work together with the arrival of Starbases, coming soon to STAR TREK TIMELINES.

Constructing Starbase rooms allows Captains to unlock stat increases for all Fleet Members. Players obtain and contribute Starbase Components needed to build rooms on a Starbase by completing Away Team missions and Space Battles. Each room grants a unique bonus to all members of the Fleet.

Feature in development, art may change.

Feature in development, art may change.

For a more in-depth look at the Starbases feature, we chatted with Michael Woods, Game Designer for STAR TREK TIMELINES.  Here’s what Woods had to say:

1. First of all, what are Starbases?

Starbases are a new Fleet-based feature coming to STAR TREK TIMELINES. Captains in Fleets work together to collect Starbase Components during Space Battles and Away Missions. They then pool those resources to build rooms onto their Starbase. Each room provides a base stat boost to all members of the Fleet.

Once the room is built, Fleet Members can then decide whether to upgrade the room for further buffs or build a different room for a different stat boost. There is a cap on the number of times rooms can be upgraded, although the number of upgrades allowed might change in the future.

2. Sounds cool - I'm not in a Fleet, though. How do I build my own Starbase?

We know that social play isn’t for everyone, and that’s why solo play always has been and will continue to be an important part of STAR TREK TIMELINES.  From Episodes to Space Battles to the Gauntlet, solo players have the Alpha Quadrant at their fingertips.

We would be remiss, though, if we did not acknowledge the many players we have who love social play, or just love being able to earn increased Honor and now increased stats through cooperative play. Many have found what will be life-long friendships through their Fleets, and we’re very happy to provide a venue for heightened social interaction and social gameplay. What’s great about all of the different types of gameplay in STAR TREK TIMELINES is that there’s something for everyone to do, every day in the game.

Feature in development, art may change.

Feature in development, art may change.

3. Are there any other reasons to join a Fleet?

Sure!  Despite the social fun, Captains can earn Honor and other rewards daily by completing Fleet activities. Fleetmates can form smaller Squadrons; Squadrons can compete against each other for rewards in events and in some event types Squadron leaders can share crew for events.

4. What are some of the bonuses I can get for building rooms in my Starbase?

Initially the earnable bonuses will be either percentage increases to crew core skills(e.g. Medicine, Science, Security), or an increase to Fleet Members' chroniton cap. Fleets can choose which bonuses will best serve their members and we are committed to adding new bonuses to unlock in future updates.

5. Do you have any tips for Fleet Commanders? How do I get the most out of my Starbases?

Make sure everyone in your Fleet is working toward building the same room. Fleet Commanders can help this by recommending a room in the interface. Working in dribs and drabs on more than one room at a time will significantly slow your process. A united front working together is the best way to build your Starbase.

6. How do I acquire Starbase Components to construct rooms?

When you are a member of a Fleet, Starbase Components will drop in addition to normal rewards when completing Away Team missions or Space Battles. Starbase Components do not replace regular rewards so you can still focus on equipping your favorite crew members. As new rooms become available we will release new Starbase Components which may be acquired from other sources.

7. When can my Fleet start building our Starbase?

The Starbases feature will be available soon. We will make an announcement via in-game mail and on our Social Media channels when it is live.

Starbases will be included in a forthcoming version of STAR TREK TIMELINES. Make sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter, and join our Bridge Crew email list, for the most up-to-date information.