Star Trek Timelines News - Exclusive Preview

Check out in-game art concepts for Star Trek Timelines for the first time!

The Disruptor Beam team has been hard at work creating the galaxies and worlds of Star Trek Timelines. From rocky planets with no atmosphere to gas giants to high tech civilized earth-like planets, the varieties are endless. In order to illustrate how we are designing our game, our friends at have posted our exclusive first look at these worlds and how we design them.

Our Programmer Jason Booth and Artist Noah Berkley shared their thoughts on the vision and creation process as they used our Genesis Device (our name for the tool with which we build planets) to sculpt the Timelines universe.

Click through to for the full scoop, including some footage from our Genesis Device in action - just click through to the Star Trek Timelines Developer Diary #2, here!

For more info on how we began our plan to make Star Trek Timelines, check out our first Developer Diary here.

And don't forget, this is just a taste of what is to come for Star Trek Timelines. Check back for more as development continues!