Spock in Star Trek Timelines

We’ve shown you three Janeways, and you’ve seen Kirk and one of his arch-nemeses, Commander Kruge. Even with all these crew reveals for Star Trek Timelines, today we’re even more thrilled to reveal our first Spock.

While developing the appearance of Leonard Nimoy as Spock, the most important pieces were perfecting his likeness and choosing the best pose. This particular Spock is the first one players will see in their early encounters with Timelines, and so his iconic Vulcan greeting (inspired by a Jewish blessing) made it the most appropriate choice.

When you do meet him, this Spock is at the beginning of his five-year mission with Captain Kirk and crew, yet brings his years of experience under Captain Christopher Pike to the table. He provides your starships and away teams with expertise in Science and Command, and his Vulcan trait is sure to provide a unique perspective in both logical and illogical situations.

We’ll have many more versions of Spock, the beloved Vulcan science officer and ambassador. Please do share your thoughts in our feedback thread, and check back next week as we post exciting content from Star Trek Las Vegas 2015! We expect it to be… most fascinating.


Team STT