So What Is This Award System, Anyway?

There has been some discussion and speculation about the new awards system that we rolled out yesterday. Some players have started seeing rewards for certain actions in the game - specifically leveling up, or hitting some milestone levels. So what’s going on with that?


The New Awards System

Starting yesterday, we slowly started rolling out some early awards to our players. They’re meant to be the very first iterations of awards, and as such they don’t do the things “final” awards will do. For instance, they’re not retroactive, nor are they showing up for every player. That’s intended, so we can test the system, test granting rewards, and make certain it’s working correctly.

Why test these awards? Well, it’s so we can check to see if things are working correctly without subjecting everyone to the awards. Let’s say we misconfigured an award - we want to make certain it affects the smallest number of people possible. Let’s also say that someone reports a bug related to them - we want to make sure we only have to help out a small number of people before we roll out the final awards to everyone.

As time goes on, we’ll build up a number of awards that everyone can acquire. Starting next week, we’ll be rolling out a small number to everyone. We’ll also start testing some new awards. Some will be for everyone, while others might be for new players or for players who accomplish specific actions. Some of them might also be related to specific, incredible achievements in the game.

I want to reiterate that we’ll be making new awards throughout the lifetime of the game. Some your account may get, while some your account may not. Some awards may be made to help new players get through the early game a little faster. Others awards might be made to give a little boost to those players who log in 30 days in a row. Others might just be awards for everyone who has been a loyal fan of Game of Thrones Ascent.

This week, we’re only running limited tests on the awards system. These test awards are:

  • Limited to a small number of players while we test the system.
  • Only showing up for web players.
  • Not retroactive.

When we finalize each award, we’ll make it:

  • Applicable to all players.
  • Occur for both Android and iOS players.
  • Some of the rewards will be retroactive.

The three rewards players have been most concerned about are the high-level awards at levels 200, 500, and 1000, because those grant a small amount of gold. When those three awards are finalized, we’ll make sure they’re granted to everyone who is at or above those levels the next time they log in.

As to why this blog is the day after the build went out, well, that’s because we were still figuring out what the awards would be! This kind of system is very new for us, and since a small mistake could grant awards to many players, we have been cautious about rolling them out. Blame an abundance of caution that we didn’t want to announce something new before we knew it was up and working correctly, especially when it involves giving players free items.

Thanks for your patience while we roll out even more ways to receive free items in Game of Thrones Ascent!


EDIT (12/9/14 9:00pm EST): And our testing of one type of reward led to a bug! We have temporarily shut off rewards while we straighten this out. We'll turn them back on once the issue is fixed.