Slaver’s Bay Tale and Rewards

Hey folks! The Tale of Slaver’s Bay is starting up this Wednesday, December 2nd, at 11:00am EST (14:00 UTC).


Over the last couple weeks we have had a ton of very interesting and well-messaged feedback from our players about Tales rewards and how or if they should change. The community often helps guide our decisions and we truly value everyone’s input. So thanks to all who sent in their suggestions!

With the Slaver’s Bay Tale, we have made some slight adjustments to the rewards. We have increased rewards for a few tiers, and split some brackets into multiple parts.

Important: No ranks have had a reduction in their rewards.

Here’s an overview of the changes:

1) Increased the draws of Uncommon or Rare Resources from 18 to 30 for the top 10 ranks, to 25 for Bracket [11-20], and to 20 for Bracket [21-50].

2) Split Bracket [11-50] into [11-20] and [21-50]

  • Increased Bracket [11-20] Keepsakes to 300.
  • Added a 2nd Peerless Black Gem to Bracket [11-20]

3) Split Bracket [101-500] into [101-250] and [251-500]

  • Increased Bracket [101-250] Keepsakes to 175 and switched the Peerless Black Gem to Flawless.

4) Split Bracket [1001-2500] into [1001-1500] and [1501-2500]

  • For Bracket [1001-1500], increased Keepsakes to 150, Uncommon Resources to 15, and added an additional draw of a Random Rare or Legendary Arya and the Hound Item.

With these updates, we feel players competing in the middle of a bracket will have a more reasonable target towards which to strive.

Enjoy the Slaver’s Bay Tale!

The Unsullied