Security Chief Tuvok in Timelines

To quote Captain Janeway, Security Chief Tuvok is a Vulcan who can be relied upon for his “insightful and unfailingly logical advice”. It’s this impeccable logic that make him such a strong choice for many Away Missions and Starship Battles in Star Trek Timelines.

Janeway trusted more than Tuvok’s logic, given her appointment of Tuvok as both the security officer and second officer aboard the USS Voyager. Tuvok would face many challenges in his time aboard the science vessel flung 70,000 light years from home, from having to confront and then follow his former Maquis captain, Chakotay, to training the Maquis crew and convincing them to serve aboard a Federation vessel.

It’s for those reasons that Security Chief Tuvok’s skills are Command, Security, and Science. As fans of Voyager might expect, his traits are Vulcan, Federation, Starfleet, and Telepath. These skills and traits make Tuvok incredibly useful and versatile from one Away Mission to another.