Read the latest Game Guide update for Star Trek Timelines

After STAR TREK TIMELINES launched last week, we noticed newer Captains were often asking questions about item rarity, and the Warp 1 and Warp 10 buttons. You can find those changes in the newly updated Game Guide, or just continue reading the new sections, in their entirety, right here.

Crew Advancement & Item Rarity

Just like crew, items also have rarity. An item’s rarity is expressed by the number of stars on the item’s bottom border. For example, look at Picard’s favorite variety of tea, Earl Grey:


Each new crew member joins your starship with one star, at level one, and with an starting level-cap of 10. So where does item rarity come in? Let’s take a look at Enterprise-D Picard.

Advancing crew, like Enterprise-D Picard, requires all four items, which are consumed when the crew is advanced:


Before equipping his Earl Grey, Picard is unable to advance his level-cap.


Ah, delicious Earl Grey. The “Advance” button is now gold, and on the right we see Picard’s portrait also has a gold circle “!” notification


Advanced button pressed, Picard will need a new set of items that happens to include a slightly more rare Earl Grey.

At each level of advancement, Enterprise-D Picard will either need a more rare Earl Grey tea or even a new item altogether. This is true of any crew in STAR TREK TIMELINES, and so you’ll often have several Earl Grey teas or Type 2 Phasers in your inventory. Many of the most common items in the game are combined to make rarer items as well, which is another reason you’ll sometimes earn (or even want) several duplicate items. It can take quite a combinations of items to make a 3- or 5-star Earl Grey.

Warp 1 & Warp 10

Once you’ve earned 3-stars on an Away Mission or Starship Battle, you can return to them in the Episode screen via the Galaxy Map and use the Warp 1 and Warp 10 buttons. You can also use the Crew Management screen to tap on any empty and unlocked item slots for a list of Away Missions, Starship Battles, and Faction Missions that have an item as one of their rewards.

Tapping “Warp 1” will instantly and automatically play through a 3-star Away Mission or Starship Battle one time, in the background, as if you had successfully played through it yourself. Warping costs chronitons, but in exchange you will acquire Captain experience, items, and credits. Warping will not earn your crew members any experience points, however.


Warp 1 and Warp 10 still requires chronitons, so consider your supply when looking to go maximum warp.

Warp 10 is similar to Warp 1, except it automatically plays through the Away Mission or Starship Battle 10 times in the background. Be careful, however, as Warp 10 also costs 10x the amount of chronitons that Warp 1 does.

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