Radoff and Gallup talk to Kotaku

Jon Radoff, CEO and Rich Gallup, Producer speak with Kotaku about what makes Game of Thrones Ascent awesome, including the up-to-date show content put into the game each week!

"Well before the first episode aired on HBO late last month, members of Boston-based developer Disruptor Beam had already seen a little over half of season three of Game of Thrones. They flew down to New York City and sat within a well-guarded theater, taking in the aftermath of the Battle of Blackwater and catching up on the progress of the encroaching winter. They know what's happening next week, and the week after, and they're using that knowledge to create the freshest interactive TV show tie-in ever made.

"As Gallup put it, “The immediacy with which we can provide our players with new content that ties into the show, it’s the stuff from the future from when we were kids. I watch it on Sunday, I play it on Monday.”"

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