Quark in Timelines

That grin, that laugh -- those ears. Today’s Star Trek Timelines reveal could only be Quark, bartender and backroom dealer extraordinaire. Read more to learn about this playable crew member, including his background, skills, and traits.

Timelines will have hundreds of vibrant and varied characters to recruit onto your starship. And so we knew that Quark, a 24th century Ferengi and proprietor of Quark's Bar, Grill, Gaming House and Holosuite Arcade on Deep Space Nine, was a must. Few moments are as memorable as Quark interacting with the station crew as well as the many regulars and intrigued visitors to his establishment. By the end of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Quark had (through quick wits, slick business deals, and occasionally sheer luck) earned the trust and respect of every member of the station he called home, making him a very desirable ally.

This is the Quark that his regulars are most familiar with: food and plenty of drink on hand, early in his career on Deep Space Nine. It’s an era when Quark’s brother, Rom, works for him as no more than a lackey, and when Quark is dreaming all the way to a future life as Grand Nagus--though Trek fans know these Ferengi brothers have very different destinies! As a bartender (and in his extracurriculars) Quark excels at Diplomacy, Command, and even Security. His traits as a Ferengi, bartender, civilian, and scoundrel are sure to help grease the wheels, or palms, in any sticky situation.

You can expect to see more of Quark in Timelines--in fact, later this week you can expect to see another variant of the infamous bartender. So join the discussion thread and share your favorite Quark moments and check back soon for another reveal!